$120 Summer EBT Boost June 2024, Check Dates Of Payment & Eligibility

The $120 Summer EBT Boost June 2024 is provided under the name of SUN Bucks which is to help the children during the summer days. The children are given $120 as the one time Electronic Benefit Transfer Payment in order to reduce the child hunger during the days when there are holidays from schools and the children lose the access to free meals. A total of 5 states have given the approval for the payment in June 2024 and the remaining states will give the payment in July 2024. The eligibility requirement checking is a must before getting the Summer EBT benefit. More than 34 will be participating in this program and you shall get the complete details on the program through this post.

$120 Summer EBT Boost June 2024

The Oregon Summer Electronic Benefit Transfer is the new food program which reduces the risk of hunger when the children are on a break from school and are not given any healthy meals at schools. The Summer EBT Program starts in late June and the benefit of $120 per child will be given to the children across the states. As per the Oregon Department of Education, the families shall provide additional 10 meals to the children and ODE has been in partnership with the ODH for providing a new program to the citizens. The families are not able to provide much nutrition to the children and they see their grocery budgets to go very high. So for the help of the families, $120 will be given to the eligible children.

There are 5 states which will be giving the benefits to the citizens in June 2024 and California will be giving the payments from 3 to 30 June 2024. The post is to raise the awareness among the citizens regarding this new program and to help the families know what to get from the program and what to do for this program. Child hunger can have a long lasting effect on the health and the academics of the children. There are 34 states who will be giving the benefit of Summer EBT and the benefits will be given in the accounts. The ones who are getting the automatic benefits shall apply to get these benefits and later you will be given the benefits.

$120 Summer EBT Boost June 2024

fns.usda.gov $120 Summer EBT 2024

The benefit of Summer EBT is given to the citizens under the SUN Bucks where the eligible children will get $120 as their food expenses during the Summer Breaks. The Summer Breaks don’t provide the children with the meals which are offered at the schools. Child Hunger may be ever lasting and can have negative impacts. 

Post Title $120 Summer EBT Boost June 2024
Organization Oregon Department of Education
Payment Summer Electronic Benefit Transfer 
Payment Under SUN Bucks 
Given To Children in school 
Summer EBT Payment Amount 2024$120 per child 
$120 Summer EBT Eligibility 2024Ones getting SNAP benefits 
Payment Mode Online 
States Approved 34
$120 Summer EBT Payment Date 2024June 2024
Post Type Finance
Website fns.usda.gov

What Is The Summer EBT Program 2024?

  • The Summer EBT is the Electronic Benefit Transfer which is a program named the SUN Bucks which is given to the ones who are getting SNAP benefits.
  • There are schools which are giving the meals to the children and during summer breaks, the children are not given any benefits like the food etc.
  • The benefit of $120 per child will be given to the children who are studying in school and have been the household member who has been getting SNAP, TANF or other Medicaid.
  • Hunger may last for a longer period and the citizens are unable to buy the necessary food items and the grocery budget will be high for the citizens.
  • There are approximately 34 states which will be giving the benefits under this program and the benefit will be transferred to the bank accounts.

Can You Get $120 Summer EBT 2024?

  • The benefit will be given to all those who are getting SNAP benefits.
  • You need no requirements of citizenship to get the benefits.
  • The households shall have an income below 185% of the poverty level.
  • Children will get the Summer EBT benefit if their household gets TANF, FDPIR, Medicaid etc.
  • The household of 3 members shall have income less than $47767 per year to be eligible.
  • The children shall be of the schools which offer National School Lunch or School Breakfast Program.
  • All the families who are expecting the Summer EBT shall be encouraged to verify all the details to meet the $120 Summer EBT Eligibility 2024.

Summer EBT Payment Amount 2024

Number of ChildrenSummer EBT Payment Amount 2024 
1 child $120
2 children $240
3 children $360
Above 3 children Additional $120 each child 

States Getting $120 Summer EBT June 2024

  • A-American Samoa
  • A-Arizona Arkansas
  • C-California
  • C-Cherokee Nation
  • C-Chickasaw Nation
  • C-Colorado
  • C-Commonwealth
  • Connecticut
  • D-Delaware
  • D-District of Columbia
  • G-Guam
  • H-Hawaii
  • I-Illinois
  • I-Indiana
  • K-Kansas
  • K-Kentucky
  • L-Louisiana
  • M-Maine
  • M-Maryland
  • M-Massachusetts
  • M-Michigan
  • M-Minnesota
  • M-Missouri
  • M-Montana
  • N-Nebraska
  • N-Nevada
  • N-New Hampshire
  • N-New Jersey
  • N-New Mexico
  • N-New York
  • N-North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • O-Ohio
  • O-Oregon
  • O-Osage Nation
  • P-Pennsylvania
  • P-Puerto Rico
  • R-Rhode Island
  • T-Tennessee 

$120 Summer EBT Payment Date 2024

The state of california will be giving the payments to the citizens from 3 to 30 June 2024 and it will be the first state to give the payments. There are 5 states which will give the benefits in June 2024 and all the other states will provide the benefits during the month of July 2024. 

FAQs On $120 Summer EBT Boost June 2024

Which department will be giving the $120 Summer EBT Boost ?

The Oregon Department of Education will give the payment of $120 as the Summer EBT.

What is the amount of Summer EBT for each child?

$120 is the benefit of the Summer EBT for each of the children.

Which state will give the first payment of $120 Summer EBT Boost June 2024?

California will give the payment from 3 to 30 June 2024.

How many states have approved the payment of Summer EBT?

34 states have approved the payment of Summer EBT to the citizens.

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