$2400 Social Security Increase May 2024, Passed By Biden? Fact Check

The US President Joe Biden has passed a bill where the citizens will be given $2400 Social Security Increase May 2024. The citizens will get $2400 per annum increase in their existing payment of Social Security benefits. All the recipients are eligible for a $200 per month increase if they have income less than the given limits. The extra amount will be provided in the bank account of the recipients and the extra amount will be given on the same date as on the dates you were to be given the Social Security payments. This post will help you get all the updates on the monthly increase in the benefit.

$2400 Social Security Increase May 2024

The Social Security Administration gives the finances to all those living below the poverty line and who are the low income recipients. The low income beneficiaries are those who live below the poverty line and are under a tough situation where they have to make choices with different payments. Social Security is one of the benefits for the citizens by the SSA which gives the income to the retirees who have been suffering from disability and are the seniors of the Nation. Social Security is the monthly payment to the residents of Nation who claim it from the age of 62 years. If you start claiming the benefits from the age of 62 years, you will get a reduced benefit than what you will get if you start it by the age of 67 years. 

The retired seniors will get the benefit of $3822 per month if they start to claim the same at the age of 67 years. Usually the beneficiaries are all set to get their benefits from the age of 62 years and for that you need at least 35 years of work history. Now as per the Bill of Joe Biden, the beneficiaries will get extra $2400 per annum in their bank accounts. The benefit will be divided in monthly payments of $200 each and this increase is as per the Social Security Expansion Act. The increased payment will be a huge financial support for all the beneficiaries and no further application is needed to get the payment. The monthly amount is to be given from May 2024 onwards in the bank accounts of the citizens.

$2400 Social Security Increase May 2024

ssa.gov $2400 Social Security Boost 2024

Department Name Social Security Administration (SSA)
Benefit To CountryUnited States of America (USA)
Bill passed by Joe Biden
Benefit Name Social Security Benefit (SS)
Benefit Given To Low income households 
Benefit Starts From 62 years 
Benefit Amount $3822 at the age of 67
Increased Benefit $2400 per year $200 per month 
Social Security payment frequency Monthly 
Payment dateMay 2024
Payment Mode Direct Deposit 
Post TypeFinance 
Website ssa.gov

All the citizens will get the payment of Social Security as they have been affected due to the COVID 19 and their fixed income is not enough to meet the expenses. The increased payment of $2400 will begin from the month of May 2024 onwards. The beneficiaries shall go through the complete eligibility criteria to know about the payment. 

What Is Social Security Benefit 2024?

  • Social Security is the monthly benefit to the citizens of the US in order to sustain the basic living.
  • The Social Security benefit is given under the Social Security Administration and the maximum benefit will be $3822 per month.
  • The other benefits are provided under the name of Social Security Disability Insurance and the Supplemental Security Income which is given to all those who are the disabled seniors.
  • To get the Social Security benefits the individuals shall meet the conditions of having a disability and shall have a good working years.
  • The benefit is provided each month on 3 different dates and this date is decided as per your birth date.

Who Will Get USD 2400 Social Security Boost 2024

  • The Social Security income increase will be given if the below mentioned criteria is fulfilled.
  • You have to live in the United States to get the benefit.
  • You shall claim the benefits as early as 62 years.
  • Your income shall be to the limits only. 
  • Your working history shall have a minimum of 35 years.
  • You shall have paid the taxes on time.

When Will You Get $2400 Social Security Increase 2024?

The benefit of Social Security is given straight in the Bank Accounts in which you were already getting the benefits. 

This increased payment will be credited from May 2024 onwards and the official date for the release of the payment will be out very soon. The benefit dates have been mentioned in the below given table.

Birth DatePayment Date
1st and 10th of month 2nd Wednesday which is 8 May 2024 
11th and 20th of month3rd Wednesday which is 15 May 2024
21st and 31st of month 4th Wednesday which is 22 May 2024

Facts For $2400 Social Security Increase May 2024

The SSA will be providing the benefits under the name of Social Security and the benefit will be provided for the $200 per month soon. The benefit amount is $2400 per annum. You can get the payment only once the SSA approves it. The page will get updated once the SSA approves the payment.

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FAQs On $2400 Social Security Increase May 2024

Who has approved the $2400 Social Security Increase May 2024?

As per the Bill of Joe Biden, there has been a provision of $2400 Increase in Social Security. 

Is $2400 Social Security Increase 2024 per month or per annum?

The $2400 Social Security Increase is the monthly benefit of $200 to the beneficiaries.

When can the beneficiaries get the $2400 Social Security Hike 2024?

The benefit increase will begin to provide from May 2024 onwards.

Is the fact of a $2400 Increase in Social Security confirmed?

No, the payment of $2400 for Social Security has not been confirmed to the beneficiaries.

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