$300 Canada Federal Payment 2024 – Check Dates, Amount & Eligibility

The Canadian Federal Government has launched a program called the $300 Federal Payment 2024. This program is designed to provide financial assistance to citizens who are regular taxpayers and belong to the lower income groups as per $300 Federal Payment Eligibility 2024. Eligible citizens can apply for tax rebates by visiting the official website www.canada.ca and then get the benefits as per $300 Federal Payment Dates 2024. These government initiatives are an immense help to financially weaker citizens. The Canadian government initiated this program which includes GST/HST Credits 2024 and Canada Child Benefits 2024 which helps the citizens of Canada.

$300 Federal Payment 2024

$300 Federal Payment 2024 initiated by the Canadian Federal Government is designed to provide financial aid to the lower income groups of the country. Candidates who meet the eligibility criteria can apply for a refund through the official website

https://www.canada.ca/. One needs to fill in one’s credentials to apply. This scheme helps the financially weaker section of society to fulfill their needs with financial aid provided by the government. The candidate must file the taxes regularly to be eligible for the refund and must be 19 years old or above. Such incomes benefit the lower section of society as they help citizens with schemes such as GST/HST Credits 2024 and Canada Child Benefits 2024.

$300 Canada Federal Payment 2024

The programs initiated by the Canadian government help its citizens with financial aid. The citizens who are regular taxpayers and belong to the weaker section of society are eligible for the $300 Canada Federal Payment 2024. To get an overview of the scheme, refer to  the below table:

Program Name$300 Federal Payment 2024
Governing BodyCanadian Federal Government 
BeneficiariesCanadian Citizens
Applicable In Canada
Eligibility19 years or above Canadian Citizen
Amount$496 for Singles, $650 for Married, $170 for Child Under 19 years
Official Websitehttps://www.canada.ca/
$300 Federal Payment 2024 Canada - Know Dates & Eligibility

$300 Federal Payment Eligibility 2024

It involves different $300 Federal Payment Eligibility 2024 under different categories mentioned below:

Categories $300 Federal Payment Eligibility 2024
GST/HST Credits 2024Eligibility: 19 years or above Canadian Citizen.
Amount: $496 for Singles, $650 for Married & $170 for Child Under 19 years
Canada Child Benefits 2024 Eligibility: Individuals who have children under the age of 18 years.
Amount: As per the government of Canada under the Canada Child Benefits
Climate Action Incentive 2024Eligibility: Residents of Canada who are regular taxpayers.
Amount: 10% increase on CAIP in 2024

$300 Federal Payment Dates 2024

The eligible candidates can refer to the table below to know the $300 Federal Payment Dates 2024.

Benefits $300 Federal Payment Dates 2024
GST/HST Credit:5 April 2024
Ontario Trillium Benefit:9th February 2024 and 6th March 2024
Canada Child Benefit:20th February 2024
Alberta Child and Family Benefit: 27th May 2024 
Climate Action Incentive Payment:15th April 2024 and 15th July 2024
Advanced Canada Workers Benefit: 12 July 2024 and 11th October 2024

$300 Canada Federal Payment 2024 Links

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FAQs On $300 Federal Payment 2024

Who gets the benefit of a $300 Federal Payment 2024?

The Canadian citizens get the benefits of the payment.

How much amount one get under the $300 Federal Payment 2024 scheme?

The Amount is $496 for Singles, $650 for Married, $170 for Child Under 19 years.

Who is eligible for the $300 Federal Payment 2024?

Those who are above 19 years or above and are Canadian Citizen can apply for this program.

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