Centrelink Age Pension Payment 2024 – Know Eligibility & Payout Date

Centrelink Age Pension Payment 2024 is the payment to support the basic living of Australians. The citizens meeting the age and the residency rules will be given the Age Pension and is provided to the ones aged 67 years and above. The pension rate is $19.60 per fortnight for the individuals and the rate of $14.70 per fortnight for the couples. The eligibility criteria will decide if you will receive the age pension or not. The Centrelink Age Pension Payment Date 2024 is 2 May 2024, 30 May 2024 and 27 June 2024. The ones who will be getting the age pension shall check the post given below to know all the necessary updates.

Centrelink Age Pension Payment 2024

The Services Australia has been providing the citizens with the Age Pension which is given in order to maintain their standards of living and this payment is given on the fortnight basis to the Australian Citizens by the Services Australia. To be eligible to get the Age Pension you need to meet the income and the residency rules. The payment is given to those individuals who need it the most and the test is conducted for the same. The rates of the pension are indexed to keep in touch with the wages and the price increase. The Age Pension is made by the Services Australia which is Centrelink and by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Only the eligible citizens will be given the age pension and the new age limit is 67 years. The pension will be given every week and the equal installment will be provided to the eligible citizens. 

The maximum base rate for the pension for the singles is $1020.60 and the pension supplement is $81.60. The income test and the asset test will decide the payment for the citizens and the income test includes the investments, earnings, income from other sources and it is the income free area. The citizens have to go through the asset test in order to have a use of the asset in the day to day life expenses. The marital status and the qualification will decide the age pension. You are required to check the complete article till the end to get the necessary Australia Pension Changes 2024 details.

Centrelink Age Pension Payment 2024

servicesaustralia.gov.au Age Pension 2024

The Centrelink Age Pension Payment 2024 is the amount provided by the Services Australia to the citizens who have attained the qualified age. The Australia Pension Increase Amount May 2024 by 1.8% for the year 2024 and the citizens will get the payment of $1020.60 if they are eligible as single individuals.

Post Title Centrelink Age Pension Payment 2024
Under OrganizationServices Australia 
Provided By Centrelink or Department of Veterans Affairs
Benefit ProvidedAge Pension Australia 
Country Australia 
Age Requirements 67 years 
Centrelink Age Pension Amount 2024$1020.60
Application Online 
Benefit Mode Online 
Post Type Finance
Website servicesaustralia.gov.au

What is Australia Age Pension 2024?

  • The Centrelink or the Department of Veterans Affairs has created the age pension in order to provide the standard of living for the citizens.
  • The homeless individuals will be provided with the equal weekly installments and the amount for each installment will be the same.
  • The pension will be provided at the age of 67 years and the marital status will determine your payments.
  • The individual has to be a citizen of Australia to get the pension and you need to be an Australian citizen on the date of lodging the claim.
  • The Centrelink Age Pension Amount 2024 can be checked through the given table and the pension age limit has been increased from 65 to 67 years.

Who Will Get Centrelink Age Pension 2024?

  • The ones meeting the below said criteria will get the Age Pension in their accounts. 
  • The one who is residing in Australia.
  • The ones who are a resident as on the date of lodging the claim.
  • A woman who is an Australian Resident and is widowed.
  • The one who is aged 67 years or even more.
  • The pension age has changed and it has been provided in the below given table.
Birth DateAge To Get PensionDate Of Change in Pension Age 
1-Jan-1952 to 31-Dec-195365 years & 6 months 1 July 2017
1-Jan-1954 to 30-June-195566 years 1 July 2019
1-June-1955 to 31-Dec-195666 years & 6 months 1 July 2021
1-Jan-1957 onwards 67 years 1 July 2023

Amount Of Centrelink Age Pension 2024

Particulars Centrelink Age Pension Amount 2024Each CoupleCouple Combined
Maximum base rate $1020.6$769.30$1538.60
Maximum pension supplement $81.6$61.50$123
Energy supplement $14.1$10.60$21.20
Total (per fortnight)$1116.3$841.40$1682.80

Transitional Rates Of Centrelink Age Pension 2024

Per Fortnight Single Couple Combined Couple
Maximum Rate $908.80$734$1468
Energy Supplement$14.10$10.60$21.20
Total $922.90$744.60$1489.20

Payout Date For Centrelink Age Pension 2024

The Age Pension for Australia can be given through the direct transfer mode or through paychecks. The paychecks will be given after a week to the citizens and the direct deposit payment will be given much earlier. The Centrelink Age Pension Payment Date 2024 have been given in the tabular form below.

4 weekly payments will be provided to the citizens.

Direct DepositCentrelink Age Pension Payout Date 2024
2 May 20248 May 2024
30 May 20245 June 2024
27 June 20243 July 2024
22 August 202428 August 2024

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Centrelink Age Pension Payment 2024Age Pension

FAQS On Centrelink Age Pension Payment 2024

What is the Centrelink Age Pension Payment 2024?

The Australia Age Pension 2024 is the payment to have a standard of living. 

Who will get the Centrelink Age Pension Payment 2024?

The Australia Age Pension 2024 will be given to those of age 67 years and above and living in Australia.

When will the Centrelink Age Pension Payment 2024 be provided?

The Centrelink Age Pension Payment 2024 is expected to be provided on 2 May 2024.

How much is the Centrelink Age Pension Payment 2024?

The Centrelink Age Pension Amount 2024 shall be looked through the above said table.

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