Child Tax Credit Changes 2024 – Know New CTC Eligibility & Updates

The Canadian government has launched tax credits for disabled children. Individuals/children with physical or mental disability and their dependents benefit from the Disability Tax Credit (DTC), which reduces their income tax liability. Child Tax Credit Changes 2024 plans to liquidate some of its impairment-related expenses. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) will return residual credit if the amount of the CTC falls within a person’s tax burden. Children under the age of 18 with a physical or mental handicap are entitled to receive the payment as per Child Tax Credit Eligibility 2024. To proceed, applicants must first learn about the scheme on the official website, After that, you will start getting benefits according to Child Tax Credit Payment Dates 2024 set by Canadian Revenue Agency.

Child Tax Credit Changes 2024 - Know New Eligibility & Updates

Child Tax Credit Changes 2024

The Canadian government planned to provide monthly payments to handicapped children and their families. Candidates who submit their income tax credit on time, regardless of whether they have income or not, can receive payments without any interruptions.. Every July, DTC payments are issued, and they are recalculated using the preceding year’s Adjusted family net income (AFNI). These Child Tax Credit Changes 2024 provide financial assistance to children with physical or mental problems, as well as their families. Applicants must meet the eligibility requirements outlined on the official website,, and answer any questions. 

Canada CTC Changes 2024

ProgramCanada CTC Changes 2024
Governing BodyGovernment of Canada
Handled ByCanada Revenue Agency (CRA)
BenefitsFinancial and medical support
Applicable inCanada
EligibilityDisable individuals 18 years of age
Payment DateMay 2024
Official Website

Child Tax Credit Eligibility 2024

Applicants are required to satisfy the Child Tax Credit Eligibility 2024 ruled by the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) to apply for this scheme. To be eligible for the payment, candidates must ensure that they have filed their income tax returns for the previous year on time. These conditions must be met to be eligible:

  • An individual should be under 18 years old.
  • Children is required to have a long-term medical disability in one or two categories, such as walking, hearing, speaking, or vision.
  • Someone who is involved in or responsible for the impaired child’s care or upbringing.
  • Canadian citizens are subject to taxation.

Child Tax Credit Payment Amount 2024

One should understand the basis for calculating their Child Tax Credit Payment Amount 2024 under this system. The CRA computed payments as follows:

  • Every July, CDB payments are recalculated using the preceding year’s adjusted family net income (AFNI).
  • From July 2023 to July 2024, the eligibles will be entitled to a payout of $3,173, with each eligible receiving $264.41 per month.
  • When a family’s AFNI exceeds $75,537, the advantages under this system begin to decrease. In this case, the payment amount is decreased by 3.2% for families with one eligible kid, and by 5.7% for households with two or more eligible children.

Claim Child Tax Credit Benefits @

Anyone who meets the eligibility conditions should visit the official portal to Claim Child Tax Credit Benefits @ and receive its benefits on time. follow the steps listed below to apply for this scheme,

  • Open the official website at
  • Fill out your credentials under the “My Account” page.
  • Fill out the application form with all of the relevant information about your child.
  • Attach the supporting documents that show the child’s birth and disability.
  • Submit the form, and the authorities will consider your request. 

Child Tax Credit Payment Dates 2024

Child tax credits are distributed to children who meet the eligibility criteria. The Child Tax Credit Payment Dates 2024is as follows:

Month Child Tax Credit Payment Dates 2024
March 2024March 28, 2024
April 2024April 30, 2024
May 2024May 31, 2024
June 2024June 28, 2024
July 2024July 31, 2024
August 2024August 30, 2024
September 2024September 27, 2024
October 2024October 31, 2024
November 2024November 29, 2024
December 2024(will be updated)

FAQs On Child Tax Credit Changes 2024

Is there going to be a change in Child Tax Credit in 2024?

Yes, it is expected that the change will be there in the Child Tax Credit.

Who benefits from Child Tax Credit payments?

Children under the age of 18 years are benefitted from these payments.

Where can I apply for Child Tax Credit?

Applicants must go to the CRA website at

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