CRA Benefits May 2024 – GST/HST, OAS, CPP, Trillium Payment Date & Eligibility

The Canada Revenue Agency provided the financial support to the seniors who have retired from work and just the pension is their basis of the income. The CRA Benefits May 2024 will include the CPP, OAS, CAIP, Ontario Trillium Benefits and various others. The seniors have been facing tough times with the increased cost of living and the daily expenses have been difficult to maintain. The seniors are getting the payments on the monthly or quarterly basis and the benefits will be transferred automatically if you become eligible. To know which benefits will be provided, you shall have a look at the page below.

CRA Benefits May 2024

The Canada Revenue Agency is the guiding organization which is providing the benefits to the citizens who are the retirees or the old aged ones. The Canadian Government is giving financial benefits to the old aged people who are living below the poverty line. It’s often seen that the seniors are facing tough choices with deciding whether to make the payment for medical bills or the food items. Seniors have continuously been agonising between various choices and the CRA Benefits May 2024 provided by the Government will give them extra finances which could help in making the payments. There are various types of the benefits which the eligible citizens will get in their accounts.

The CRA benefits include the Canada Pension Plan which is given to the retirees, Old Age Security Plan given to the old aged who are getting CPP, Child Care Plan given to beneficiaries having a dependent child and various others. The payments are provided either on a monthly basis or on quarterly basis depending on the type of the benefit you are getting. You will qualify for the benefits automatically and you need not apply for the same. There will be some benefits which you might have to apply for. Going through this page, you will find all the benefits which you are eligible for. 

CRA Benefits May 2024 CRA Benefits 2024

Post Title CRA Benefits May 2024
Organization Canada Revenue Agency 
Country Canada 
Benefits CPP, OAS, Ontario Trillium Benefits, Canada Child benefit, Veterans Disability Pension
Beneficiaries Citizens of Canada 
Payment Date May 2024
Payment Mode Online 
Amount As per the benefit 
Post Type Finance

Canada Pension Plan 2024

  • All the pensioners of the United States will be given the payment of the CPP if they are of age above 60 years.
  • The payment will be given if you have made at least one contribution in your lifetime towards the Government plans.
  • The payment is given each month on 3rd last date and it should be a working day.
  • For the month of May 2024, the payment will be provided on 29 May 2024.

Old Age Security Benefit 2024

  • To give the financial support to the citizens tagged 65 years and above, the OAS payment is given.
  • The benefit amount has been increased to $68500 per month and the citizens can get an increased amount after the age of 75 years.
  • The payment is provided on the monthly basis and will be received on the same date as on the CPP which is 29 May 2024.

GST/HST Tax Credit 2024

  • The GST/HST Credit 2024 is given to those who made income tax returns and this amount is the reduction in the tax in order to reduce the burden of the amount to be paid.
  • The payment is provided after every 3 months which starts from January and is paid till October and is given on the 5th date of each quarter.
  • The payment depends upon the net income of the family and the number of children less than 19 years of age.
  • 5 July 2024 is the due date for the GST/HST payment.

Canada Child Benefit 2024

The benefit is given to the citizens having a dependent child of age below 18 years and is suffering from disability. The payment amount may be $3143 per annum and is recalculated every year in July. The Canada Child Disability Credit 2024 is given on the 20th date each month and the payment for May will be given on 20 May 2024. After the age of 25 years, no benefit will be provided.

Advanced Canada Workers Benefit 2024

The refundable tax credit is provided to those who are earning very less income. It has the basic amount and the disability supplement and no application has to be provided for this. The Canada Workers Benefit 2024 is given directly to the bank accounts in 3 different installments. There will be no payment in May 2024.

Canada Carbon Rebate 2024

  • This plan is provided to the beneficiaries to reduce the cost of pollution and the citizens of Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and other states will get. 
  • This Canada Carbon Tax Payment is provided on the quarterly basis on the 15th date and now the payment will be provided on 15 July 2024

Ontario Trillium Benefit 2024

  • This benefit is a combination of the energy and the property tax credit and the 2022 tax return will be the basis to decide the payment.
  • It has the energy credit and the sales tax credit and is given on the monthly basis on the 10th date of each month.
  • The due date of the OTB Payment 2024 is 10 May 2024 for all the eligible ones.

Alberta Child And Family Benefit 2024

The benefit is the non taxable amount given to the families where the children are of age less than 18 years. The payment amount is credited with $1410 for the first child, $705 for the second child. The payment will be received on 27 May 2024 by the citizens.

Veterans Disability Pension 2024

This payment is to support the well being of the Veterans of war. The ones having a medical condition will be given the payment and it shall be related to the service. The members of Second World War will be given the Veterans Disability Benefits 2024 and it will be provided on the last date each month. 30 May 2024 is the payment date for the citizens.

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FAQs On CRA Benefits May 2024

What are the CRA Benefits 2024?

The CRA benefit is the payment to the ones living in Canada.

Who will get the Canada Child benefit 2024?

The ones having a dependent child with disability of age below 18 years will get the CCB payment.

What is the date of Veterans Disability pension 2024 for May 2024?

30 May is the date of Veterans Disability Pension 2024 for May 2024.

What is the date for Ontario Trillium Benefit 2024?

10 May is the date for the Ontario Trillium Benefit 2024.

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