H1B Lottery March 2024 – Know Eligibility, Fee & How to Apply?

The registration for the H1B Lottery March 2024 has begun and the individuals who wish to work in the United States are needed to get their H1B Visa. The H1B Lottery March 2024 began on 1 March 2024 and will end on 20 March 2024. The individuals have to create a USCIS account which will allow them to begin with the registration. The process to How to Apply For H1B Lottery 2024 has been mentioned in the post below. We have mentioned the USA H1B Lottery Process 2024 on the basis of which the selection will be done. The USA H1B Lottery Eligibility 2024 will tell if you could apply for this visa process or not.

H1B Lottery March 2024

The United States of America provides the visa to the citizens under the Immigration and Nationality Act which is known as the H1B Visa. The purpose of providing this visa is to allow the US employers to hire speciality occupants from various backgrounds. The ones who need application of specialized knowledge, and Bachelor’s Degree are known as the speciality occupants. The applicants will get the Visa for 3 years but it will extend up to 6 years. Having this type of Visa will allow the applicants to bring their family members to the States and their spouse will get H-4 Visa and later you can then apply for Permanent Residency. The USA H1B Lottery Process 2024 began on 1 March 2024 and you can apply for the Visa till 20 March 2024. 

The individual must qualify to work in the Research and Development process and shall have advanced training or vocational skills. The ones who have both the requirements will fall under the USA H1B Lottery Eligibility 2024. The applicants will first have to register through the USCIS portal to begin with the application. The candidates will be selected through the lottery system and the cost of registration is $10 per applicant. You must take a look at this article to get the complete updates on the visa lottery system.

H1B Lottery March 2024, Eligibility, Fee & How to Apply

uscis.gov H1B Lottery 2024

The visa to the US will be provided to the applicants through the lottery system as the candidates will be selected on the basis of the lottery. The H1B Lottery March 2024 has started on 1 March 2024 and the last date for the application is 20 March 2024. The registration fee is $10 per applicant.

Visa name H1B Visa 
Applicability USA
Given by whom Employer to employee 
Benefit One can apply for Green Card 
Eligibility Bachelor’s degree with special skills 
Registration dates 1 to 20 March 2024
Registration mode Online 
Selection process Lottery scheme 
Documents required Mentioned below 
Time period3 years 
Registration fee $10
Post type News
Website uscis.gov

USA H1B Visa 2024

  • The USA H1B Visa 2024 will be given by the employer to the employee for the period of 3 years with an extension to 6 years.
  • The applicants have to pay $10 as the registration fee and they will be selected on the basis of the lottery system.
  • One has to check if they are eligible for the Visa registration and then proceed with the application.
  • The visa will be given to those who have specialized skills and we have mentioned the eligibility and the application process in the post below.
  • The H1B Lottery March 2024 result will be notified to the applicants on 31 March 2024.

H1B Lottery Application 2024 : Important Dates

Event Dates 
H1B Lottery Application 20241 March 2024
Application end date 20 March 2024
Selection of candidates 31 March 2024
Round 21 August 2024

Benefits of H1B Visa 2024

Following are the Benefits of H1B Visa 2024.

  • The ones who are having a H1B Visa will be able to call their families or spouse and the spouse will get the H-4 visa which will later allow them to get PR.
  • If one has the H1B Visa they can apply for the Green Card which will let them get a Permanent Residency.

USA H1B Lottery Eligibility 2024

To qualify for the Registration, one will have to meet the following requirements as per USA H1B Lottery Eligibility 2024.

  • You should have skills of training or vocational
  • One should have possession of 4 years Bachelors Degree or Master’s Degree or a Doctorate Degree
  • One should qualify for work in research and skill development
  • There shall be employer employee relationship
  • Employers have to confirm that there have been no strikes, lockout or work shutdown if any labor dispute takes place
  • If the employment has been shut down, the employer shall arrange the back tickets of the employees.

H1B Visa Cap 2024

The applications are opened during the spring time every year. The USCIS approves only 65000 applications and the first 20000 applications are reserved for the Master’s Degree. 6800 petitions are reserved for the Visa for Chile and Singapore.

H1B Lottery Registration 2024

  • Before beginning with the H1B Lottery Registration 2024, you have to follow the below mentioned points.
  • Ensure that you qualify for Visa
  • You must file a petition by applying for the job
  • You must have the petition by the employer
  • Apply for the Visa at nearest US Embassy

How to Apply Online H1B Visa 2024

  • Create a USCIS online account
  • Select the Registration account to submit the form. 
  • Enter the Company and Personal details asked from you 
  • If you have an account, no need for a new one 
  • Pay the registration fee as mentioned and then download the form. 

H1B Visa Fees 2024

The uscis.gov H1B Lottery 2024 Fee is $10 which is per applicant for the registration process. Since the fee is non refundable, one has to check the eligibility for that. 

USA H1B Visa Selection Process 2024

The USA H1B Visa Selection Process 2024 is based on the lottery system. The lottery process is conducted as follows:

  • Through the lottery system, a total of 65000 candidates will be selected. 
  • The ones having Masters Degree will be selected under the cap of 20000 candidates. 
  • The USCIS will send the notification to the selected ones in 90 days. 
  • The unselected candidates will be selected under the second or third round of the lottery.

Check H1B Lottery Status 2024

  • You will get a receipt number after giving the petition. 
  • Open the USCIS Case status through the official website. 
  • Fill in your receipt number as given to you. 
  • Click on the H1B Lottery Status 2024 option. 
  • The status will get displayed on the screen.

Links to Check H1B Lottery March 2024

H1B Lottery March 2024H-1B Visa Portal 

Basic Questions on H1B Lottery March 2024

What is the H1B Lottery March 2024?

The H1B Lottery March 2024 is the selection of candidates for the Visa.

What is the last date for H1B Visa Registration 2024?

The last date for the H1B Visa Registration 2024 is 20 March 2024.

What is the basis of H1B Visa Selection 2024?

The aspirants will be selected for the H1B Visa 2024 through Lottery system.

What is the total number of seats under the H1B Lottery March 2024?

65000 seats are there under the H1B Lottery March 2024. 

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