IRS PIN Number Request 2024 – Know Docs Required & How To Get?

The IRS PIN 2024 is the six digit number which prevents someone else from filing the tax return on your SSN or ITIN. The IRS PIN Number Request 2024 shall be made by the individuals so as to prevent fraudulent activities. The IRS IP PIN Documents 2024 like the Government approved picture identification document has to be submitted to get the IP PIN. The step by step guide on How to Get IRS PIN 2024 has been mentioned in the post given below. Through this post, one will be able to get all the updates on the IRS IP PIN 2024.

IRS PIN Number Request 2024

The Internal Revenue Service has been providing an Identity Protection PIN which is a six digit number which protects some other taxfiler to file a tax return using your Social Security Number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number. The IP PIN will be known by only you and the IRS. Using this IP PIN, you can verify your identity while filing your electronic or paper tax return. The IP PIN will protect your account even though you don’t have any filing requirements. If you are confirmed a victim of theft related to tax identity and the issues have been resolved IRS will mail you CP01A Notice with new IP PIN each year. If one is not having an IP PIN, you will get an IP PIN as a step to protect yourself from tax related theft. 

Any individual having SSN or ITIN can get IP PIN including individuals living abroad. If you want to Request Identity Protection PIN 2024, you shall pass the identity verification process. The spouses and dependents will be eligible for IP PIN if they pass the identity verification process. Ones who have got IP PIN online will have to retrieve IP PIN online each calendar year as the Notice will not be mailed to you. To get an IP PIN, one has to login to the website and then click on Get an IP PIN. Through this post we have mentioned the basic details on how to get an Identity Protection PIN. Identity Protection PIN 2024

The IRS provides the individuals with Identity Protection PIN 2024 which makes it easier for the taxpayers to make the returns on their SSN and no one else can make the returns using their SSN. The IRS PIN Number Request 2024 has to be made by the individuals only through the online portal.

Post title IRS PIN Number Request 2024
Organization name Internal Revenue Services 
PIN Name Identity Protection PIN 
Total digits 6 digits 
Request through Online mode 
Motive Not to let others file return using their SSN
Post type Finance
IRS PIN Number Request 2024


  • The individuals will be provided with the Identity Protection PIN so that none can use their SSN for tax filing.
  • The IP PIN is a 6 digit number which is provided to the individuals and is known by the taxpayer and the IRS only.
  • One has to pass an identity verification process to get an IP PIN.
  • The fastest way to get an IP PIN is by using the online IP PIN tool.
  • One has to visit to get the IP PIN.

How To Get An IP PIN 2024

  • The fastest way to get an IP PIN is by using online Get an IP PIN tool.
  • Visit the website on your device
  • Click on Get an IP PIN on your device
  • If you have an account, sign in with
  • If you don’t have an account, Create an Account
  • Now fill in the details asked from you and you will get the IP PIN created.

Important Details on IP PIN 2024

  • IP PIN has a validity of one year only. 
  • New IP PIN is generated every year from your account
  • Logging to get an IP PIN toll will display your current IP PIN
  • IP PIN shall be used while making a federal tax return
  • The documents are needed for the creation of IP PIN.

Documents Required to Get IRS PIN 2024

The applicants shall have one current Government issued picture identification document and other identification documents in order to prove the identity.

Retrieve Identity Protection PIN 2024

If the IRS has assigned an Identity Protection PIN and you have lost or have not got CP01A Notice with new IP PIN, you will have to retrieve it or have it reissued to e-file tax return.

The IP PIN is assigned to you if you:

  • Got CP01SA Notice
  • Opted to get IP PIN
  • Tried to e-file tax return and it was rejected because you didn’t include IP PIN.

How to Retrieve IP PIN 2024

  • One may use an IP PIN online tool to retrieve their current IP PIN.
  • If you don’t have an account on the website you will be asked to register for account and validate your identity
  • If you have created an online account and have obtained IP PIN, you must get an IP PIN and shall login to your account.
  • You will have to verify your identity again due to several account security reasons.

Get IP PIN 2024 Reissued

  • If one is unable to retrieve their IP PIN online, you shall call 800-908-4490 for specialized assistance.
  • Assistor will verify your identity and mail your IP PIN to your address to record within 21 days
  • If you fall under exception and you can’t access the Get An IP PIN online tool, your best alternative at this time is to file tax return by paper without IP PIN
  • You can complete and mail the paper tax return without IP PIN

Cases When You File Return Without IRS IP PIN 2024

  • In such cases the below mentioned will happen:
  • Your electronic return will not be accepted and you will not be able to e-file
  • IRS will subject paper return to additional screening to validate identity, delaying any refund may be due.

When to Get IP PIN 2024

  • The taxpayers should request for IP PIN if:
  • You wish to protect SSN and ITIN with IRS
  • You want to protect dependents SSN or ITIN with IRS
  • You think SSN, ITI has been exposed to theft
  • You suspect or confirm as a victim of theft or identity.

When To File Identity Theft Affidavit?

  • Tax return was filed using their SSN
  • Dependents SSN or ITIN was already used by someone without permission
  • Taxpayer gets a transcript by mail which they have not requested
  • Taxpayer gets a notice from tax preparation software company confirming an online account was created in their name
  • Taxpayer gets IRS notice informing that they owe additional tax
  • The IRS sends taxpayers a notice that they got wages from an employer for whom they didn’t work.
  • Taxpayers were given EIN but they haven’t asked for the same.

Signs of Non Tax Related Identity Theft

  • One gets a balance due bills from companies with whom they have not had any business
  • Individual gets a notice of unemployment benefits which they have not applied
  • One gets a notice of Employment Identity theft
  • One gets Form W-2 or 1099 from company they have not got income
  • SSN or ITIN was used by someone else.

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FAQs On IRS PIN Number Request 2024

How much is the IRS PIN 2024?

The IRS PIN 2024 is of 6 digits.

What is the document to get IRS PIN 2024?

Government approved identity is needed to get IRS PIN 2024.

What is the purpose of Identity Protection PIN 2024?

The purpose of IRS PIN 2024 is to ensure that no one uses your SSN or ITIN to file returns.

How to Retrieve IRS IP PIN 2024?

One can Retrieve IRS IP PIN 2024 using the steps given above in the post.

Where has the details on IRS PIN Number Request 2024 been mentioned?

The details on IRS PIN Number Request 2024 can be checked through the website

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