New Bill To Raise Social Security Checks In 2024, Know Updates On Eligibility

The President of the United States will soon pass a New Bill To Raise Social Security Checks In 2024. The SSA has been providing the Social Security Benefits to the citizens with an aim to give them fixed income to support their normal living. Now the Bill will be provided in order to increase the benefits for the citizens to provide them with higher financial support. The COLA has been increased and this will provide a higher support to the citizens. The new bill could help the seniors to get more income support. Now through this article you will get the updates on the eligibility criteria along with the changes which will be provided through this bill.

New Bill To Raise Social Security Checks In 2024

The Social Security Administration has been giving the fixed income to the eligible seniors who have retired from work and have been suffering from the disability condition. The new bill has been proposed in the United States to provide more benefits to the retired adults who are already the recipient of the benefits. This proposed change has come with the Cost Of Living Adjustments and the COLA is determined by the Consumer Price Index for the Urban Wage Earners. The CPI later covers various factors on the items like food, consumer goods, housing, health care and the other benefits. The COLA has been increased by 3.2% in the year 2024 which has been increased by 8.2% in the year 2023. 

The monthly checks will be provided to enable the citizens to get their ends meet and the checks can be used to make the payment of the medical or the food bills. You will be able to claim the amount once you turn 62 years and it will be credited in your account. The inflation is the only cause which has been making the SSA take this decision to increase the Social Security Bill. Now to know more about this new bill, you must go through the complete article.

New Bill To Raise Social Security Checks In 2024 New Bill For Social Security 2024

The new bill will be proposed by President Joe Biden where he will be increasing the benefit amount of Social Security for the beneficiaries. The beneficiaries can start with their claim not earlier to 62 years. Now the beneficiaries shall read the complete details referring to this post. 

Post Title New Bill To Raise Social Security Checks In 2024
For The OrganizationSocial Security Administration (SSA)
For Country United States of America
Benefit To be GivenSocial Security Benefit
Bill To Be Introduced New Bill For Social Security Checks
Bill Proposed By Joe Biden 
Social Security benefit $3822 per month
Income limits $168600
Age limit 62 years and above 
Post type Finance 

New Social Security Bill 2024

  • The SSA is deciding to provide a new bill for Social Security where the beneficiaries will be given an extra amount to increase their benefits. 
  • The Cost of Living Adjustments has taken a rise by 3.2% which has been making the increase in the monthly Social Security benefits for the beneficiaries. 
  • The recipients of Social Security must have a look at their eligibility criteria to know if the proposed bill is for them or not.
  • As per the new bill it is proposed that Social Security will be made tax free for all the citizens.
  • If this is the case, the recipients will be able to get more cost or the income in their pockets. 

Who Is Eligible For A New Bill For Social Security 2024?

  • You can be called as eligible for this new bill if you are under the below given conditions.
  • You are called as the resident of America 
  • You have turned 62 years of age.
  • You have your Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Your Income is not more than the threshold limits
  • The taxes have been paid on time. 

How Much Is The Social Security Benefit 2024?

The benefit of Social Security changes with the age on which you are claiming the same. The benefit can be claimed only once you reach the retirement age which is 62 years. 

Now the full retirement age is 67 years and you can get the full benefit of $3822 per month at that time. 

The maximum delay in the benefits can be till the age of 70 years and this is the time you can get the maximum benefit.

When To Get Social Security Benefit 2024?

The beneficiaries can get the amount according to the new Social Security Payment Date May 2024. Not all will get the amount on the same date as it depends on their birth date.

The benefit date will be called as 2nd Wednesday of the month if your birthday falls on or between 1st and 10th of any month.

You will get the amount on 3rd wednesday if you have the birthday on any day between or on 11th and 20th of the month.

The benefit date is 4th Wednesday if the beneficiary has a birthday between 21st and 31st.

When Will The New Social Security Bill 2024 Release?

The bill of the Social Security will be out soon on the SSA portal but the date on which the bill will start its implementation is not provided yet. All you need is to wait for the official notice to confirm this new bill update.

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FAQs On New Bill To Raise Social Security Checks 2024

What is the purpose of the New Bill of Social Security?

The major purpose of this new bill is to increase the monthly benefits for the seniors.

When is the new bill set to be released?

The new bill is expected during the month of May 2024.

Who will be eligible for the benefits through the New Bill of Social Security 2024?

To be eligible for the benefits you shall meet the above stated conditions.

How much is the benefit of Social Security?

The benefit of Social Security is $3822 for the beneficiaries at the age of 67 years.

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