Social Security New Bill Changes 2024: Know Exact Changes, Revised Amount

The SSA has introduced Social Security New Bill Changes 2024 which have been for the benefit of the citizens. The citizens shall check the new changes which have been introduced and it starts with the COLA increase. The benefits for the spouse and the disability will be bigger from now onwards and the SSI amounts also have been increased. The citizens shall know the Exact Changes which have been made in the new bill and we have also provided you with the revised amount in the bill. The changes have been for the benefit of the citizens and this post will guide you with all the changes which have been introduced.

Social Security New Bill Changes 2024

The Social Security Administration has approved to give the help to the Nation of United States where the citizens are getting the finances in order to support the families. Social Security has been the retirement income which citizens are getting in order to get the fixed income each month to make the necessary purchases. The US citizens are being given the fixed benefits and the payment of Social Security is being released as soon as you turn 62 years and have taken retirement. The Social Security Bill has been introduced which is to help the citizens with the monthly payments. The COLA changed in 2024 due to which the beneficiaries received 3.2%.

The changes in Social Security are provided every year and the benefits increase or decrease as per the new introductions. The amount of the benefit which the individual will get is lowest at 62 years and the highest benefit you will get is at the age of 70 years. The taxable income for the citizens has been increased from $160200 to $168600. Before the individuals can reach the full retirement age they can earn up to $22320 in 2024. The Social Security Taxes have been 6.2% for the individuals and 12.4% for the self employed persons. SSDI gives the income to all those who are unable to work due to a disability condition. The ones born in 1929 or later shall earn 40 credits or even more. The annual deductions for the Medicare Part B is $240 in the year 2024.

Social Security New Bill Changes 2024 Social Security Changes 2024

Post Title Social Security New Bill Changes 2024
Organization Social Security Administration 
Benefit Name Social Security Benefits 
Country USA
Taxable Income $168600
COLA Benefits 3.2%
Medicare part B$240
Post typeFinance 

3.2% COLA Increase

The benefit which the Social Security recipients have been getting through the Cost of Living Adjustments. The increased benefits will be provided to 71 million citizens and you shall now get the new benefits. The new adjustments are provided only to keep in conjunction with the inflationary cause and the Consumer Price Index CPI for Urban Wage Earners (CPI UWE) and Clerical Workers. The increase for the year 3.2% in the year 2024 has brought a hike to the monthly benefit for the retirees is $1907 which was $1848.

High Maximum Monthly Payout at Full Retirement Age

  • The benefits which the citizens are provided with is based on the age limit. 
  • At the full retirement age, the benefit which the citizens will get is $3822. 
  • You will be able to get $2710 if you retire at the age of 62 years. 
  • The maximum amount which you can get at the age of 70 years is $4873.
  • You will get more than normal benefits if you are claiming after the full retirement age.

Increase In Earnings Limits

Another change is that if you still work, your benefits will be withheld for the Social Security Benefits and it depends on how much you earn. The time when the individual has not gone to the FRA, there are certain limitations that you can earn a certain amount without having a decrease in the payment. The benefits are decreased by $1 for each $2 earned. 

The benefits get the calculation done again if there has been any changes to be introduced. 

Maximum Earnings Increase To $168600

The employees are required to pay the 6.2% Social Security tax on the income which is up to $160200 for the year 2023. Any earnings which are above the limits will not be subject to taxes. The taxable earnings have taken a rise to $168600 in the year 2024 and the tax rate remains 6.2%.

Disability Benefits Increased

The SSDI gives the income to all those who have any sort of disability. The disabled ones get $1537 each month in 2024 which was $1489 in 2023. The disabled workers with a spouse and one more child can expect $2720. 

Increase In Credit Earning Threshold

In case you are born after 1929 you will have to earn 40 work credits over their lifetime to get the Social Security benefits. The amount which the beneficiary is needed to get the single credit has been increased each year. 

Medicare Part B Premium Increase 

The Medicare Part B Premium which is in the relation to the Social Security Act has brought about increase as the amount is $174.70 for the year 2024

The annual amount which is deductible is $240 for the year 2024

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FAQS On Social Security New Bill Changes 2024

How much is the new rate of COLA 2024?

The COLA has been increased to 3.2% in the year 2024.

What is the rate of the taxable income limit?

The rate of the taxable income limit is $168600.

What is the new full retirement age?

The new full retirement age is 67 years.

How much is the deduction in the medicare benefit?

The annual amount which is deductible is $240 for the year 2024.

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