SSDI Payment Schedule June 2024, Know Deposit Dates & Eligibility

The SSA has decided to give the Social Security Disability Insurance to all the beneficiaries who have been facing the disability condition. The expected benefit which the individual could get as the SSDi benefit is $3822 per month. The beneficiaries will get on an average the amount of $1537 per month. The beneficiaries have to check their eligibility criteria to know if they qualify to get the payment. The payment will be released on 3 different dates as per the Social Security Schedule. Reading this page will take you through the necessary SSDI Payment Date June 2024.

SSDI Payment Schedule June 2024

The Social Security Administration (SSA) is the Federal US Government which has been providing financial assistance to the citizens who have been facing trouble with lack of finances. The payments which the SSA provides includes the Social Security benefit, Social Security Disability Insurance, Supplemental Security Income and the Veterans Affairs. The SSDI is the financial assistance which is given to the beneficiaries who are suffering from a disability and have greater work credits. Usually to get the Social Security payment, you need 40 work credits but if you have not worked enough and have been suffering from disability, you will be given the SSDI payment.

The SSDI payment is provided expectedly for the amount of $3822 each month and the total amount which the disabled workers and their families will get is 150% to 180% of the disabled workers benefit. The SSA considers various conditions for the SSDI which have to be met and there are most cases which require screening. To get the benefits, there is a waiting period of 5 months and the benefit amount gets changed with the inflation. The benefit has been covered under the Federal Insurance Contribution Act and it covers the retirement and the survivors benefit. To qualify for the benefit, you have to work in the job which has been covered under the Social Security and you shall have a medical condition which meets the disability definition. The payment is given to the beneficiaries on 2nd, 3rd and 4th Wednesday each month and through this post you will get the updates on the SSDI Payment Date June 2024.

SSDI Payment Schedule June 2024 SSDI Payment 2024

The Social Security Disability Insurance is the disability support fixed income payment given every month to the recipients. The disability condition shall be as per that mentioned in the definition. You shall be entitled to get $3822 as the monthly benefit.

Post Title SSDI Payment Schedule June 2024
Organization Name Social Security Administration (SSA)
Benefit Name Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)
Country USA
Year 2024
Payment Month June 2024
SSDI Payment Date June 202412, 18 and 26 June 2024
Eligibility for payment Ones who have a disability condition
Payment amount $3822 per month
Mode Online 
Post type Finance

Social Security Disability Insurance 2024

  • The beneficiaries will be given the SSDI payment each month and the benefit of $3822 per month will be paid to the adults who have been suffering from disability.
  • You will not be considered as disabled if you are working and are not blind and your earnings are more than $1550 in 2024, you will not be considered as disabled.
  • If your condition is not as per the work related activity for at least 12 months you will not come under disability and will not get the benefit.
  • The benefit will be provided to you after the waiting period of 5 months and you shall check the date when the benefits begin to be credited.
  • The amount of the benefit will change as per the annual inflation.

Who Will Get SSDI Payment 2024?

  • You will get the payment if you fulfill all the conditions. 
  • The individual shall be living in the USA.
  • The beneficiary shall be of age 60 years or more.
  • The individual shall have a medical condition that prevents them from working at least for 12 months.
  • You shall be blind or have a disability which is mentioned in the definition.

Payment Date For SSDI Benefit 2024

The benefit of the SSDI is given every month to the citizens. The beneficiaries will be provided with the SSDI payment of the dates of the Social Security benefits which are 2nd, 3rd and 4th Wednesday. 

The payment will be provided 5 months after you have applied for the benefits and you can check your bank accounts to know about the payment.

Benefits On Particulars SSDI Payment Date June 2024
2nd Wednesday Born b/w 1st and 10th12 June 2024
3rd WednesdayBorn b/w 11th and 20th 18 June 2024
4th WednesdayBorn b/w 21st and 31st 26 June 2024

How Much SSDI Payment You Will Get?

The benefit which the citizens will get as the SSDI is $3822 per month. On an average, the citizens will get $1537 per month. The average benefits which the individuals will get is much lower.

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SSDI Payment Schedule June 2024Social Security Benefit Payment Schedule

FAQs On SSDI Payment Schedule June 2024

What is the SSDI benefit?

The SSDI benefit is the Social Security Disability Insurance which will be given to the citizens facing disability conditions.

What is the amount of SSDI which beneficiaries will get?

The SSDI will be given to the citizens for the amount of $3822 each month.

When will the SSDI be given in June 2024?

The SSDI payment will be provided to the citizens on 12, 18 and 26 June 2024.

Where will the SSDI Payment Schedule June 2024 be released?

The payment schedule has been out on portal.

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