Summer Olympics 2024 Schedule – Ticket Price, Where To Watch

The Olympics is the largest sports event in the world. In 2024, this prestigious event is going to start from 26th, July 11th August 2024. Summer Olympics 2024 is a highly important event in which players are participating in a huge number with full interest, passion, and enthusiasm. The first event of Summer Olympics will be on 24th July 2024 on Wednesday, which will start at 9:30 AM and the name of the sport Rugby as per Summer Olympics Schedule 2024.

The Summer Olympics Tickets 2024 are available online on the official website of Olympics and interested individuals can purchase the tickets by visiting the official online portal of Olympics at Notably, there are more than 1 million tickets which will be offered at £ 24. Almost 50% of the tickets which are reserved for the common public will be sold at a prize less than or equal to £ 50. This article is all about the Olympic schedule, ticket, prize, Venue, and where people can watch the Olympic events.

Summer Olympics 2024

Most of the Olympic lovers might be aware that the summer Olympic games are also known as the games of the Olympia, or the Paris games which are often called the summer Olympics. The Olympics is basically a very important and major international multi-sports event, which consists of almost all the sports. The Olympic events are held once every four months, which means in every leap year. The Olympic games are held with an ultimate goal to cultivate human beings through sports and let them contribute to world peace because all the countries collectively participate in the Olympics together. 

This summer or Olympic games, and the winter games are always conducted separately. Summer Olympics 2024 games are majorly conducted as a festival of sports and unity of all the countries for the sake of world peace. The officials of the Olympics have decided the venue, schedule and all the relevant details for the Olympic Games which are going to start from July 2024. Tickets are available on the official online portal of Olympics at We have attached a table below, which provides a brief of the whole summer Olympic events.

Summer Olympics Ticket Price 2024

TopicSummer Olympics Schedule, Venue, Ticket Price, Where To Watch
Event NameSummer Olympics
Summer Olympics Ticket Price 2024£24-£50
Summer Olympics Host CountryFrance
Summer Olympics 2024 Schedule, Ticket Price, Where To Watch

Summer Olympics Schedule 2024

The Olympics will start from 24th July 2024. These Olympics events will end on 11th August 2024. The concerned department has already released the detailed schedule at their official online portal We have provided the Summer Olympics Schedule 2024 below for your reference.

24/7/24- WednesdaySoccer9AM,11AM,1PM,3PMMen’s Group Matches
24/7/24- WednesdayRugby9:30AMMen;s Pol Game
25/7/24- ThursdayArchery3:30AMWomen’s Individual
25/7/24- ThursdayArchery8:15AMMen’s Individual
25/7/24-ThursdayHandball3AM,8AM,1PMWomen;s Preliminary 
25/7/24-ThursdayRugby8AM,2PMMen;s Pool Game
25724- ThursdaySoccer11AM,1PM,3PMWomen;s Group Matches
26/7/24- FridayOpening Ceremony
27/724- SaturdayBadminton2:30AM,8AM,1:30PMWomen’s Singles, Doubles
27/7/24- SaturdayBadminton2:30AM,8AM,1:30PMMen;s Singles, Doubles
27/7/24- SaturdayBadminton2:30AM,8AM,1:30PMMixed Okay
27/7/24- SaturdayBasketballPool Play
27/7/24- SaturdayBeach Volleyball8AM,12PM,4PMMixed Pool Play
27/7/24- SaturdayBoxing9:30AM,2PMWomen’s-54kg,60kg
27/7/24- SaturdayBoxing9:30AM,2PMMen’s-63.5kg,80kg
27/7/24- SaturdayCanoe9AMMen’s & Women’s
27/7/24- SaturdayCycling8:30AMMixed Time Trial
27/7/24- SaturdayDiving5AMWomen’sSynchronized Springboard
27/7/24- SaturdayEquestrian4AMEventing Dressage
27/7/24- SaturdayFencing4AMWomen’s Epee,Men’s Round
27/7/24- SaturdayField Hockey 4-5AM,11AM-12PMMen’s Pool Play
27/7/24- SaturdayField Hockey 11AM-12PMWomen’s Pool Play
27/7/24- SaturdayGymnastics 5AM,9AM,2PMMen’s Qualifying
27/7/24- SaturdayHandball3AM,8AM,1PMMen’s Prelims Games
27/7/24- SaturdayJudo4AMW-48 kg,M-68kg Elimination Round
27/7/24- SaturdayJudo10AMFinals
27/7/24- SaturdayRowing3AMMixed Play
27/7/24- SaturdayRugby8:30AMMen’s Placement
27/7/24- SaturdayShooting3AM,4:30AMMixed Qualifying, Finals
27/7/24- SaturdaySkateboarding6AM,11AMMen’s Street Prelims 7 Finals 
27/7/24- SaturdaySoccer1AM,11AM,1PM,3PMMen’s Group Matches
27/7/24- SaturdaySurfing1PMMen’s Women’s 1st Round
27/7/24- SaturdaySwimming5AMWomen’s, Men’s All Categories
27/7/24- SaturdaySwimming2:30PMWomen’s,Men’s All Categories Final
27/7/24- SaturdayTable Tennis9AMMen’s Women’s Singles, Mixed
27/7/24- SaturdayTable Tennis2PMFinals
27/7/24- SaturdayTennis6AM,1PMSingles,Doubles 1st Round
27/7/24- SaturdayVolleyball 3AM,7AM,11AM,3PMPool Play
27/7/24- SaturdayWater Polo8AM,12:30PMWomen’s Pool Play
28/7/24- Sunday Archery3:30AM,8:15AMWomen’s Team-1st Round
28/7/24- SundayBadminton2:30AM,8AM,1:30PMSingles, Doubles, Mixed Play
28/7/24- SundayBasketball Pool Play
28/7/24- SundayBeach Volleyball 3AM,9AM,2PMWomen’s, Men’s Pool Play
28/7/24- SundayBoxing5AM,9:30AMW- 50kg,66kg M- 51kg,57kg,71kg,92kg
28/7/24- SundayBoxing2PMW- 57kg,75kg M71kg,92kg
28/7/24- SundayCanoe9”30AMWomen’s Finals
28/7/24- SundayCycling8AMWomen;s Cross-Country 
28/7/24- SundayEquestrian 4:30AMEventing Cross-Country 
28/7/24- SundayFencing3:30AMWomen’s, Men’s 
28/7/24- SundayFencing1PMFinals
28/7/24- SundayField Hockey4-5AMWomen’s Pool Play 
28/7/24- SundayField Hockey11-11:30AMMen’s Pool Play 
28/7/24- SundayGymnastics 3:30AM,8:50AM,12PMWomen’s Qualifying 
28/7/24- SundayHandball 3AM,8AM,1PMWomen’s Preliminary Games
28/7/24- SundayRowing 3AMWomen’s, Men’s Singles & Doubles 
28/7/24- SundayRugby9:30AMWomen’s Pool Games
28/7/24- SundaySailing 5AMWomen’s, Men’s Water Skills 
28/7/24- SundayShooting 3:15AMMen’s, Women’s Qualifying Round 
28/7/24- SundayShooting 3:30 AMFinals
28/7/24- SundaySkateboarding 6AMWomen’s Street Preliminary Round 
28/7/24- SundaySkateboarding 11AMFinals
28/7/24- SundaySoccer11AM,1PM,3AMWomen’s Group Matches 
28/7/24- SundaySurfing 1PMMen’s, Women’s 2nd Round 
28/7/24- SundaySwimming5AMWomen’s,Men’s All Categories
28/7/24- SundaySwimming2:30PMWomen’s,Men’s All Categories Finals
28/7/24- SundayTable Tennis4AMMen’s,Women’s Singles 2nd Round
28/7/24- SundayTable Tennis7”30AMMixed Doubles
28/7/24- SundayTennis6AM, 1PMSingles,Doubles,Mixed Play All Round
28/7/24- SundayTriathlon2AMMen’s
28/7/24- SundayVolleyball 3AM,7AM,11AM,3PMPool Play
28/7/24- SundayWater Polo4:40AM,9AM,1:30PMMen’s Pool Play
29/7/24- Monday Archery3:30AMMen’s Team
29/7/24- MondayArchery8:15AMMen’s Semifinals 
29/7/24- MondayBadminton2:30AM,8AM,1:30PMWomen’s,Men’s Singles,Doubles,Mic
29/7/24- MondayBasketballPool Play
29/7/24- MondayBeach Volleyball 3AM,9AM,2PMMen’s,Women’s Pool Play
29/7/24- MondayBoxing5AM,9AM,2PMM- 63.5kg,92+kg W- 60kg Prelims
29/7/24- MondayCanoe 9:30AMMen’s Finals
29/7/24- MondayCycling8AMMen’s Cross-Country
29/7/24- MondayDiving5AMMen;s Synchronized Platform
29/7/24- MondayEquestrian 5AMEventing Jumping
29/7/24- MondayFencing3:30AMMen’s,Women’s Quarterfinals
29/7/24- MondayFencing 1PMMen’s,Women’s Finals
29/7/24- MondayField Hockey4-5AM, 11AM-12PMMen’s Women’s Pool Play 
29/7/24- MondayGymnastics11:30AMMen’s Team Finals
29/7/24- MondayHandball3AM,8AM,1PMMen’s Prelims Game
29/7/24- MondayJudo4AMW- 57kg M- 73kg Eliminating Round
29/7/24- MondayJudo10AMFinals
29/7/24- MondayRowing3AMSingles,Doubles
29/7/24- MondayRugby8AM,2PMWomen’s Pool- Placement,Quarterfinal
29/7/24- MondaySailing5AMMen’s,Women’s Water Skills
29/7/24- MondayShooting3AMMen’s Trap Qualifying 
29/7/24- MondayShooting 3”15AMFinals
29/7/24- MondaySurfing1PMMen’s,Women’s 3rd Round
29/7/24- MondaySwimming5AMMen,Women All Skills
29/7/24- MondaySwimming2:30AMFinals
29/7/24- MondayTable Tennis4AM,10AM,2PMSingles,Mixed 1st &2nd Round
29/7/24- MondayTennis6AM,1PMSingles,Doubles,Mixed 1st&2nd Round
29/7/24- MondayVolleyball 3AM,7AM,11AM,3PMPool Play
29/7/24- MondayWater Polo8AM,12:30PMWomen’s Pool Play
30/7/24- Tuesday Archery6AM,11:45AMMen’s,Women’s Round
30/7/24- TuesdayBadminton2;30AM,8AM,1:30PMSingles,Doubles,Group Play
30/7/24- TuesdayBasketball11:30AM,3PMMen’s,Women’sPool Play
30/7/24- TuesdayBeach Volleyball 3AM,9AM,2PMMen’s,Women’s pool Play
30/7/24- TuesdayBoxing5AM,9:30AM,2PMW- 54kg,57kg M- 51kg,80kg Prelims
30/7/24- TuesdayCanoe9AMMen’s,Women’s
30/7/24- TuesdayCycling7:25AMMen’s,Women’s Park Seeding
30/7/24- TuesdayEquestrian 5AMDressage Qualifying
30/7/24- TuesdayField Hockey 4-5AM,11AMMen’s Pool Play
30/7/24- TuesdayGymnastics2:15PMFinals
30/7/24- TuesdayHandball3AM,8AM,1PMWomen’s Prelims Game
30/7/24- TuesdayRowing3:30AMSingles & Doubles
30/7/24- TuesdayRugby8:30AMWomen’s Finals
30/7/24- TuesdaySailing5AMMen’s,Women’s Water Skills
30/7/24- TuesdaySoccer9AM,11AM,1PM,3PMMen’s Group Matches
30/7/24- TuesdaySurfing1PMWomen’s Quarterfinals & Semifinals
30/7/24- TuesdayTennis6AM,1PMSingles,doubles,mixed 
30/7/24- TuesdayTriathlon2AMMwn;s
30/7/24- TuesdayVolleyball3AM,7AM,11AM,3OMPool Play
30/7/24- TuesdayWater Pole4:30AM,9AM,1:30PMMen’sPool Play
31/7/24- Wednesday Archery6AM,11:45AMMen’,Women’s Round
31/7/24- WednesdayBadminton 2:30AM,8AM,1:30PMMen’s,Women’s Singles,Group Play
31/7/24- WednesdayBadminton1:30PMMixed Double Quarterfinals
31/7/24- WednesdayBasketball11:30AM,3PMWomen’s,Men’s Pool Play
31/7/24- WednesdayBeach Volleyball3AM,9AM,2PMWomen’s,Men’s Pool Play
31/7/24- WednesdayBoxing5AM,9:30AM,2PMWomen’s,Men’s Prelims,Quarterfinals
31/7/24- WednesdayCanoe9:30AMWomen’s Final
31/7/24- WednesdayCycling7:10AMFinals
31/7/24- WednesdayDiving5AMWomen’s Synchronized Platform
31/7/24- WednesdayEquestrian 5AMDressage Qualifying 
31/7/24- WednesdayFencing6AM,1:30PMMen’s Team Sabre Round 
31/7/24- WednesdayField Hockey4-5AM,11-12PMWomen’s,Men’s Pool PLay
31/7/24- WednesdayGymnastics11:30AMMen’s Final
31/7/24- WednesdayHandball3AM,8AM,1PMMen’s Prelims Games
31/7/24- WednesdayJudo4AM,10AMw-70kg,M-90kg All Rounds
31/7/24- WednesdayRowing3:30AMMen’s,Women’s Singles,Doubles 
31/7/24- WednesdaySailing5AMMen’s,Women’s Skiff Opening Series
31/7/24- WednesdayShooting3AMMen’s,Women’s Qualifying & Finals
31/7/24- WednesdaySoccer11AM,1PM,3PMWomen’s Group Matches
31/7/24- WednesdaySwimming5AM,2:30PMMen’s,Women’s All Rounds
31/7/24- WednesdayTable Tennis9AM,2PMSingles Round 2&3
31/7/24- WednesdayTennis6AM,9AM,1PMSingles,Doubles All Rounds
31/7/24- WednesdayTriathlon2AMWomen
31/7/24- WednesdayVolleyball3AM,7AM,11AM,3PMPool Play
31/7/24- WednesdayWater Polo8AM,12:30PMWomen’s Pool Play
1/8/24- Thursday Archery3:30AM,9:30AMMen’s,Women’s Round
1/8/24- ThursdayBadminton2:30AM,7AM,12:30PMSingles,Doubles,Mixed Double Play
1/8/24- ThursdayBasketball3AM6:30AM,12PM3:30PMMen’s,Women’s Pool Play
1/8/24- ThursdayBeach Volleyball3AM,9AM,2PMWomen’s,Men’s Pool Play
1/8/24- ThursdayBoxing5AM,9:30,2PMWomen’s,Men’s All Rounds
1/8/24- ThursdayCanoe9:30AMMen’s Finals
1/8/24- ThursdayCycling2PMMen’s,Women’s Quarterfinals
1/8/24- ThursdayEquestrian4AMDressage Team Final
1/8/24- ThursdayFencing4AM,1:10PMWomen’s Team Foil Round
1/8/24- ThursdayField Hockey4-5AM,11-12PMWomen’s,Men’s Pool Play
1/8/24- ThursdayGolf3AMMen’s 1st Round
1/8/24- ThursdayGymnastics12:15PMWomen’s All Around Final
1/8/24- ThursdayHandball3AM,8AM,1PMWomen’s Prelims Games
1/8/24- ThursdayJudo4AM,10AMMen’s,Women’s All Rounds
1/8/24- ThursdayRowing3:30AMWomen’s,Men’s All Rounds
1/8/24- ThursdaySailing5AMWomen’s,Men’s All Rounds
1/8/24- ThursdayShooting3:30AM,6AMWomen’s,Men’s Qualifying & Finals
1/8/24- ThursdaySwimming5AM,12:30PMMen’s,Women’s All Styles 
1/8/24- ThursdayTable Tennis4AM,9AM,2PMWomen’s,Men’s Singles
1/8/24- ThursdayTennis6AM, 1PM,6AMMen’s,Women’s Singles,Doubles
1/8/24- ThursdayVolleyball3AM,7AM, 11AM,3PMPool Play
1/8/24- ThursdayWater Polo4:30AM, 9AM,1:30PMMen’s Pool Play
2/8/24- Friday Archery3:30AM, 8:15AMMixed Team All Rounds
2/8/24- FridayBadminton2:30AM, 9AMDoubles,Mixed Doubles
2/8/24- FridayBasketball3AM, 6:30AM,11:30AM, 3PMMen’s,Women’s Pool Play
2/8/24- FridayBeach Volleyball3AM,9AM,2PMMen’s,Women’s Pool Play
2/8/24- FridayBoxing9:30AM,2PMMen’s,Women’s All Rounds
2/8/24- FridayCycline2PMMen’s,Women’s Finals
2/8/24- FridayDiving5AMMen’s Synchronized Springboard
2/8/24- FridayEquestrian 8AMJumping Qualifying
2/8/24- FridayFencing6AM,1:30AMMen’s Team
2/8/24- FridayField Hockey4-5AM,11AM,11:30AMNeb’s,Women’s Pool Play
2/8/24- FridayGolf3AMMen’s 2nd Round
2/8/24- FridayGymnastics6AM,12PMMen’s,Women’s Finals
2/8/24- FridayHandball3AM,8AM,1PMMen’s Preliminary Games
2/8/24- FridayJudo4AM,10AMW-78kg+ M-100kg+ All Rounds
2/8/24- FridayRowing3:30AMWomen’s,Men’s Singles, Doubles
2/8/24- FridaySailing5AMWindsurfing, Dinghy Opening Series
2/8/24- FridayShooting3AMMen’s,Women’s Qualifying Round
2/8/24- FridaySoccer9AM,11AM1PM,3PMMen’s Quarterfinals
2/8/24- FridaySwimming5AM,2:30PMMen’s,Women’s All Rounds
2/8/24- FridayTable Tennis4AM,7:30AMSingles Semifinals
2/8/24- FridayTennis6AM,1PMSingles,Doubles,Mixed All Rounds
2/8/24- FridayVolleyball3AM,7AM,11AM,3PMPool Play
2/8/24- FridayWater Polo8AM,12:30PMWomen’s Pool Play
3/8/24- Saturday Archery7AMWomen’s Singles All Rounds
3/8/24- SaturdayBadminton2:30AM,8AMWomen’s Singles,Doubles
3/8/24- SaturdayBasketball11AM,3L30PMWomen’s Pool Play, Play-In Games
3/8/24- SaturdayBeach Volleyball3AM,10AM,3PMPool Play,Lucky Loser Matches
3/8/24- SaturdayBoxing9:30AM,2PMW-50kg,60kg,66kg M-57kg71kg 
3/8/24- SaturdayCanoe9:30AMKayak Time Trial
3/8/24- SaturdayCycling5AMMen’s Road Race
3/8/24- SaturdayEquestrian4AMSingle Jumping Finals
3/8/24- SaturdayFencing5:30AM, 1PMWomen’s Team Sabre Round
3/8/24- SaturdayField Hockey4AM,4:30AM,11AMWomen’s Pool Play
3/8/24- SaturdayGolf3AMMen’s 3rd Round
3/8/24- SaturdayGymnastics9:30AMFinals
3/8/24- SaturdayHandball3AM,8AM,10AMWomen’s Preliminary Games
3/8/24- SaturdayJudo2AM,10AMMixed Team Eliminate ,Medal Round
3/8/24- SaturdayRowing3:30AMFinals
3/8/24- SaturdaySailing5AMMixed Dinghy, Multihull
3/8/24- SaturdayShooting3AMMen’s,Women’s Qualifying,Final
3/8/24- SaturdaySoccer9AM,11AM,1PM,3PMWomen’s Quarterfinals 
3/8/24- SaturdaySwimming5Am,2:30PMMen’s,Women’s All Rounds
3/8/24- SaturdayTable Tennis 7:30AMWomen’s Singles 
3/8/24- SaturdayTennis 6AMWomen’s,Men’s Singles,Doubles
3/8/24- SaturdayVolleyball3AM,7AM,11AM,3PMPool Play
3/8/24- SaturdayWater Polo 4:30AM,9AM,1:30PMMen’s Pool Play
4/8/24- SundayArchery7AMMen’s Singles
4/8/24- SundayBadminton2:30AM,9AMSingles,Doubles
4/8/24- SundayBasketball11:30AM,3:30PMMen’s Pool Play,Play-in Games
4/8/24- SundayBeach Volleyball3AM,7AM,11AM,3PMWomen’sMen’s Round Of 16
4/8/24- SundayBoxing5AM,9:30AMW-54kg,57kg,75kg M-51kg,63.5kg
4/8/24- SundayCanoe9:30AMExtreme Kyak Heat
4/8/24- SundayCycling8AMWomen’s Road Race
4/8/24- SundayEquestrian5AMDressage Singles Finals
4/8/24- SundayFencing4AM,1:10PMMen’sTeam Foil Round,Medal Match
4/8/24- SundayField Hockey4AM,11:30AMMen’s Quarterfinals 
4/8/24- SundayGolf3AMMen’s 4th Round
4/8/24- SundayGymnastics9AMApparatus Round Finals 
4/8/24- SundayHandball3AM,8AM,1PMMen’s Preliminary Games
4/8/24- SundaySailing5AMMixed Dinghy, Multihull
4/8/24- SundayShooting3:30AMMen’s,Women’s All rounds
4/8/24- SundaySwimming12:30PMMen’s,Women’s All types 
4/8/24- SundayTable Tennis7:30AMMen’s Singles
4/8/24- SundayTennis6AM Women’s Single, Men’s Singles
4/8/24- SundayVolleyball3AM,7Am,11AM,3PMPool Play
4/8/24- SundayWater Polo8AM,12:30PMWomen’s Pool Play
5/8/24- Monday Artistic Swimming1:30PMTeam Technical Round
5/8/24- MondayBadminton3:45AM,8:30AMWomen’s,Men’s Singles
5/8/24- MondayBasketball11:30AM,3PMSemifinals,Medal Games
5/8/24- MondayBeach Volleyball3AM,7AM,11AM,3PMMen’s,Women’s Round of 16
5/8/24- MondayCanoe9:30AMExtreme Kayak QuarterFinals&Final
5/8/24- MondayCycling11AMWomen’s,Men’s Team 
5/8/24- MondayDiving3:45AM,9AMWomen’sPlatform Prelims&Semifinal
5/8/24- MondayEquestrian5AMJumping Team Qualifying
5/8/24- MondayField Hockey4AM,11:30AMWomen’s Quarterfinals
5/8/24- MondayGymnastics9AMFinals
5/8/24- MondaySailing5AMMixed Dinghy, Multihull
5/8/24- MondayShooting3AM,3:30AMMen’s,Women’s All rounds
5/8/24- MondaySoccer12PM,3PMMen’s Semifinals
5/8/24- MondaySport Climbing4AMMen’s Boulder,Women’s Speed
5/8/24- MondayTable Tennis4AM,9AM,2PMTeam Round Of 16
5/8/24- MondayTriathlon2AMMixed Relay
5/8/24- MondayVolleyball3AM,7AM,11AM,3PMQuarterfinals 
5/8/24- MondayWater Polo6AM,12:30PMMen’s Pool Play
5/8/24- MondayWrestling9AM,3PMMen’s,Women’s All Rounds
6/8/24- Tuesday Artistic Swimming1:30PMTeam Technical Round
6/8/24- TuesdayBasketball 3:45AM,8:30AMWomen’s,Men’s Singles 
6/8/24- TuesdayBeach Volleyball11:30AM,3PMFinals,Medals Game
6/8/24- TuesdayBoxing 3AM,7AM,11AM,3PMRound Of 16
6/8/24- TuesdayCanoe9:30AMExtreme Kayak Semifinals
6/8/24- TuesdayCycling11AMMen’s,Women’s Team
6/8/24- TuesdayDiving 3:45AM,9AMWomen’s Finals
6/8/24- TuesdayEquestrian5AMJumping Team Qualifying
6/8/24- TuesdayField hockey4AM,11:30AMWomen’s Quarterfinals 
6/8/24- TuesdayGymnastics 9AMFinals
6/8/24- TuesdaySailing5AMMixed Dinghy Multihull 
6/8/24- TuesdayShooting3AM,3:30AMMen’s,Women’s All Rounds
6/8/24- TuesdaySoccer12PM,3PMMen’s Finals
6/8/24- TuesdayTable Tennis4AM,9am,2PMTeam Round of 16
6/8/24- TuesdayTriathlon 2AMTeam Relay
6/8/24- TuesdayVolleyball 3AM,7AM,11AM,3PMFinals
6/8/24- TuesdayWater Polo 6AM,!2:30PMMen’s Pool Play

Where To Watch Summer Olympics 2024?

The broadcasting of the Olympic events is going to begin from 26th July 2024, which will be broadcasted live on WBAL-TV and there you can Watch Summer Olympics 2024. These programs will be broadcasted as per they should and competitions of various events which will really start before the beginning of the opening ceremony for all the respective events. The broadcast will continue for 16 days till the time the Olympic events are going on. There are approximately 200 nations participating in the Olympics in 2024.

FAQs on Summer Olympics Schedule 2024

When is Summer Olympics 2024 Starting?

Summer Olympics 2024 is starting from 26th July 2024.

How To Check Summer Olympics Schedule 2024?

Check this post to know about Summer Olympics Schedule 2024.

What is the Summer Olympics 2024 Ticket Price?

Summer Olympics Ticket Price varies from £24-£50.

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