$1360 OTB Payment Date 2024 – Trillium Benefit Eligibility Check & Amount

People around the world are engaged in earning their livelihood for which they work very hard. There are several taxes which are to be paid by all the citizens to their respective government under various departments such as- income tax, property tax, GST/HST, etc. the Federal government of Canada provides some benefits to all the eligible citizens of the country. Among all the benefits provided by the government of Canada Ontario Trillium Benefit is also included.

The government of Canada keeps on introducing several benefits, to provide financial assistance to the financially weak citizens of the country under $1360 OTB Payment Date 2024. The beneficiaries must be a taxpayer of the country. Once the official authority has confirmed the data from the records as per the record submitted by an applicant, they will start providing the benefit as per $1360 Ontario Trillium Benefit Payment Date 2024. Hopefully, all the eligible citizens will be receiving the payments on the predicted durations after you Claim $1360 Ontario Trillium Benefit Payment 2024.

$1360 OTB Payment Date 2024

The government of Canada has initiated several programs under which they are providing financial assistance to all the low income families living over there. Ontario Trillium Benefit is one of those programs, which is basically a credit which is provided to all the eligible households situated in Ontario. It is provided to all the eligible households with the aim to help them financially. With some energy cost and sales along with property tax specially those who are suffering from financial crisis. There are three stages which are included under this benefit which are mentioned below.

  • Ontario Sales Tax Credit.
  • Ontario Property And Energy Tax Credit.
  • Northern Ontario Energy Tax Credit 

All the eligible taxpayers must remember that these benefits will be provided on a monthly basis, and these payments will be credited in the form of paper checks, as well as by the mode of bank transfer. Everyone must remember that all the eligible applicants may also receive the payment on the 10th day of every month throughout the year as per $1360 OTB Payment Date 2024. All other important element details about this programmer available on their official online portal at www.ontario.ca. Below, we have attached a table to provide an overview of the whole article to readers in one go.

$1360 OTB Payment Date 2024 - Eligibility Check

$1360 Ontario Trillium Benefit Payment Date 2024

Title$1360 OTB Payment Date 2024
ProgramOntario Trillium Benefits
OrganizationCanada Revenue Agency
FrequencyEvery Month
Payment ModeOnline
$1360 Ontario Trillium Benefit Payment Date 202410th April 2024
Age LimitMinimum 18 Years
Amount $1360
Official Online Portalwww.ontario.ca  

$1360 OTB Payment Eligibility 2024

It is very important for all the interested individuals living in Ontario to fulfill the eligibility requirements if they wish to receive the OTB payments in 2024. Similarly, all the applicants have to fulfill the below mentioned $1360 OTB Payment Eligibility 2024.

  • It is important for all the applicants to be a permanent resident of Ontario till 31st December 2023. 
  • The applicant must not be aged below 18 years.
  • The parents must have lived with their child for a minimum time period of 10 years.
  • The applicant must have married previously. 
  • It is important to be a regular taxpayer of the country.

Steps To Claim $1360 Ontario Trillium Benefit Payment 2024 

Once all the interested citizens living in Ontario successfully fulfill the eligibility requirements in order to receive the Ontario Trillium Benefit payment in 2024, they can proceed further with the submission of application forms. We explained a few details below for the ease of the applicants to Claim $1360 Ontario Trillium Benefit Payment 2024.

  • The applicants are supposed to complete the ON-BEN application form so that they can apply for the Ontario energy and property tax credit or others.
  • Applicants must have filed a tax return on an annual basis to fulfill the eligible requirements for this benefit even if they don’t have any income report when they file a tax return they should include the completed ]ON-BEN application form.
  • By filling the tax returns with the above mentioned application forms, the applicants will start receiving these benefit payments automatically.

$1360 OTB Payment Date 2024

All the applicants must remember that they will receive their OTB payment on a monthly basis. The payment will be credited to the receiver’s bank account or will be provided with a paper check on the 10th day of every month throughout the year 2024. We have provided a table below so that our readers can find the $1360 OTB Payment Date 2024.

Months$1360 OTB Payment Date 2024
January10th January 2024
February09th February 2024
march8th March 2024
April10th April 2024
May10th May 2024
June10th June 2024
July09th July 2024
August 09th August 2024
September10th September 2024
October10h October 2024
November09th November 2024
December10th December 2024

FAQs On $1360 OTB Payment Date 2024

What is OTB?

OTB basically stands for Ontario Trillium Benefit which is basically a combined payment of property, power and energy tax amount score provided to the residents of Ontario.

What is the next $1360 OTB Payment Date 2024?

All the eligible receivers can expect their next $1360 OTB Payment Date 2024 to be received by 10 April 2024.

What is the minimum age limit to apply for receiving the OTB payments 2024?

The applicant must be at least 18 years old to start receiving the OTB payments in 2024.

What is the official website where application forms are available?

The OTB application forms are available on their official website www.ontario.ca.

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