Australia Average Income 2024: Know State Wise Average Income By Gender & Industries

Do you know what are the main things to think about while relocating to Australia for work? It is crucial to research the requirements, Australia Average Income 2024, and typical wage of any vocation before making a decision. We will go over each of the many variables that affect your City Wise Australia Average Salary 2024 in depth below, including education level , experience and skills, supply and demand, inflation, laws and regulations and labour unions. You should check Australia Average Salary Based On Industries 2024 and then select the work based on it.

Australia Average Income 2024

The average annual pay for an employee in Australia is approximately 91,900AUD; the lowest average wage is roughly 23,800 AUD, and the highest average salary is 405,600 AUD. We have made the table below which describes the Australia Average Income 2024.

State Wise Australia Average Income 2024

State State Wise Australia Average Income 2024
North South Wales (NSW)65,000 AUD
Queensland62,970 AUD
Tasmania55,900 AUD
Queensland73,000 AUD
Northern Territory71,000 AUD
Australia Average Income 2024: In 2023 and 2024, what will be the average income in Australia

City Wise Australia Average Salary 2024

The average salary of the population is one of the main measures of the city’s prosperity in Australia, where living standards are high. Now let’s examine the average pay throughout Australia’s cities.  

Cities City Wise Australia Average Salary 2024
Sydney 98,000 AUD
Melbourne96,000 AUD
Adelaide90,000 AUD
Brisbane94,000 AUD
Canberra95,000 AUD
New Castle89,000 AUD
Perth92,000 AUD

Australia Average Salary By Gender 2024

The difference between the average salary of men and women is known as the gender pay gap. The entire gender based pay gap in Australia as a result of discrimination. 

GenderAustralia Average Salary By Gender 2024
Male 94,800 AUD
Female89,500 AUD

Australia Average Salary Based On Industries 2024

The industries in Australia with the highest average yearly wage for a full time worker are listed in the table below: 

Industries Australia Average Salary Based On Industries 2024
Information Technology110,837 AUD
Law Enforcement and Security83,779 AUD
Marketing and Sales 100,881 AUD
Banking, Finance and Insurance 102,055 AUD
Architecture and Creative Arts 87,289 AUD
Administration and Human Resources89,448 AUD
Engineering76,600 AUD
Oil/Energy/Mining 81,800 AUD
Automotive59,300 AUD
Telecommunications 80,000 AUD
Rental, Hiring and Real Estate Services 75,000 AUD 

Plans and Assistance from the AU Government 

The Australian government provides a range of financial assistance programs. These are designed to help residents manage their living expenditures and include the Age Pension and JobSeeker Allowance.

These programs are necessary in a nation where living expenses are high because they give those in need the support they need.

Australia’s Average Salary 2024 : Statistics

In Australia, the average annual pay is 90,800 Australian dollars (USD 60,355). 

To ensure you thoroughly comprehend wage statistics and trends in Australia, let’s go over a few major indications of typical earnings in the nation. 

  • Median Salary:

In Australia, the average monthly wage in 2023 will be 6,650 AUD (USD 4,420).The midpoint of all the wages taken into consideration is referred to as the median salary. Stated differently, around 50% of the Australian population earns less than 6,650 AUD per month, while the remaining 50% earn more. 

  • Average Salary Range:

Australia has a salary range of 1,917 AUD (USD 1,274) per month to 33,750 AUD (USD 22,433) per month on average. Note: These are approximations, not exact numbers. The real pay range in Australia could be as low as 1,917 AUD per month for the lowest wage and as much as 33,750 AUD for the greatest salary. 

  • Minimum Wage:

Australia has a national law that mandates a minimum hourly pay of 21.38 AUD (USD 14.21) for both full-time and part-time workers, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. It’s interesting to note that Australia’s minimum wage is greater than the US minimum wage of USD 7.25 per hour. Australia likewise pays its workers a basic wage that is higher than that of the UK, which is GBP 10.42 (USD 12.93) per hour. 

FAQs On Australia Average Income 2024

How much of my paycheck will be taxed?

The tax burden for Australians earning an average salary of $90,000 before taxes annually would be $19,717 for the 2022–2023 fiscal year. This amount is derived from the Moneysmart website’s income tax calculator, where you may enter your salary to get your expected tax liability.

In Australia, which state pays the highest?

Western Australia is the highest paying state in Australia, with the Australian Capital Territory coming in second.

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