COLA Increase 2024 – Expected COLA Increase in USA & Know Eligibility

The Federal Government and Social Security Administration provides various benefits to the citizens in US and lakhs of beneficiaries are taking benefits. One of such program is COLA also known as Cost of Living Adjustment. The amount of Social Security COLA Increase 2024 is something that millions of US citizens and residents had been eager to find out for a long time. COLA Increase 2024 is set to increase by 3.2%, as per official announcement. You should read this post till end to know about COLA Increase Eligibility 2024 and other similar details.


COLA Increase 2024

In 2024, Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits for nearly 71 million Americans would increase by 3.2%. Beginning in January 2024, benefits awarded to over 66 million Social Security beneficiaries will be subject to a 3.2% Cost Of Living Adjustment (COLA). On December 29, 2023, an estimated 7.5 million SSI users would start receiving increased payouts. 

Based on the rise in average salaries, there are additional adjustments that become effective in January of every year. The maximum wages subject to Social Security Tax will rise from $160,200 to $168,600 as a result of COLA Increase 2024. To view their COLA notice online, people will need to have a Social Security account on file. For more information just go to the official website at

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Expected COLA Increase 2024 In USA

Title COLA Increase 2024
Country United States Of America
Government US Government 
DepartmentSocial Security Administration 
Expected COLA Increase 2024 Expected 3.2%
Official Website

Social Security COLA Increase 2024

The COLA seeks to minimize the reduction in purchasing power experienced by SSA beneficiaries. As record inflation rocked the US economy last year, beneficiaries saw an 8.7% rise applied to their payments. 

The consumer price Index for salaried workers in Urban areas and administrative workers (CPI-W) for the months of July, August and September Is compared to the average for the same months in the prior year in order to calculate the Social Security COLA Increase 2024. According to the data from July and August of this year, the COLA increase 2024 might be 3.2%. However  it won’t be known until mid October what that ultimate amount is. 

COLA Increase Eligibility 2024 

In order to start getting COLA Increase 2024 benefits , you had to be qualified as per Social Security COLA Increase 2024.

  • 62 years of age or older at least 5 years of retirement. 
  • 55 years of age or older and 10 years or more of retirement experience (this pertains to uniformed employees, such as police, firefighter and correctional officials, who are covered by a specific retirement plan that permits retiring at any age after 20 or 25 years.)
  • Five years disability retiree. 
  • The surviving spouse of a retired person who, as a result of an option they choose at retirement, is getting a lifetime benefit. 
  • A person who has been receiving the accidental death benefit for a deceased Employees Retirement System(ERS) member for five years or longer.

First- Time Recipient Of COLA Increase 2024

When you receive your payment the month following you become eligible, it will include your first COLA. Together with the COLA for the month you get the first payment, the first payment also includes any prorated part due for the month you become eligible. 

Your end of July pension payment will include COLA for the entire month of July as well as for June 12 through June 30 if, for instance, you are eligible for COLA on June 12. It is your spouse’s right to receive half  of the COLA increase amount that would be given to the retiree. If you are a lifetime pension beneficiary of a deceased retiree.

FAQs On COLA Increase 2024

How may workers ascertain whether they qualify for raises in COLA?

Employees who want to know if they qualify for COLA increases and how such increases are determined may review their employment contracts, collective bargaining agreements, or speak with their human resources department.

What effects does COLA increase 2024 have on workers?

Increases in COLA benefit workers by ensuring that their purchasing power stays relatively steady and assisting in mitigating the effects of inflation. By proving that companies are aware of their employees’ financial requirements, it can help raise morale.

What makes COLA increases 2024 crucial?

Because they preserve the purchasing power of employees’ salaries in the face of inflation and changes in the cost of living, COLA increases are crucial. It guarantees that workers will be able to maintain the same level of life in the face of rising costs for goods and services.

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