OAS $742 Extra Delivery Date 2024 – CRA Confirmed, Know Eligibility & Payment

The Canadian Government gave big news that OAS $742 Extra CRA Confirmed and benefits will be paid out very shortly. These benefits, which give monthly support to elderly Canadians, are provided by the Canadian government. These are federal assistance payments made to Canadians 65 years of age or older who are low income earners as per Old Age Security Eligibility 2024. For further information on the $742 OAS Payment Dates 2024, continue reading this article. 

OAS $742 Extra CRA Confirmed Delivery Date

OAS $742 Extra CRA Confirmed

The monthly assistance benefits that are paid each month are the Old Age Security Pension benefits. The Canadian Revenue Agency will increase OAS benefits payment in 2024. The initial installment is scheduled for January 29, 2024. The Old Age Security beneficiary will get their OAS $742 Extra CRA Confirmed as per payment dates.

While the Canadian government offers a number of benefits to older citizens, Old Age Security is the main source of assistance for low- income seniors to cover their basic living costs. Apart from this, Grocery Rebate Bill (C46) is also being passed by the government for the help of citizens. The eligible recipient receives assistance through the OAS Extra CRA benefits, and in the future the beneficiaries will receive huge benefits under this. 

$742 OAS Extra Payment 2024

Program$742 OAS Extra Payment 2024
Year 2024
Amount $742 Extra CRA
GovernmentCanadian Government 
Department Canada Revenue Agency
Beneficiaries Senior Citizens 
Official Website www.Canada.ca

We do not approve CRA OAS $742 Extra Payment as we have no confirmation regarding this. You should visit official website for latest updates.

$742 Old Age Security Eligibility 2024

Based on the following $742 Old Age Security Eligibility 2024, the Canadian government offers $742 Extra CRA payment.

  • Recipients have to be at least 65 years old in age.
  • They must be citizens or lawful permanent residents of Canada.
  • Individuals residing overseas must have been in Canada for 20 years or longer after turning 18.
  • The employer’s evidence of employment is required.
  • You ought to have documentation that you travelled back to Canada.

Who is eligible for the Old Age Security $742 Extra benefits is determined by these factors. Individuals 75 years or older receive a separate amount, while those between 65 to 74 years receive the mentioned amount. For every age category, there are corresponding income limits. 

$742 OAS Payment Dates 2024

The fact that the Canada Revenue Agency(CRA) is currently providing benefits to Canadian citizens is crucial information for every resident living in Canada. The benefits of the OAS $742 extra CRA all assistance child benefit, Canada disability payments, incentives for climate action and many other benefits come under this plan. The $742 OAS Payment Dates 2024 are listed below, while the official confirmation is still pending. 

Months$742 OAS Payment Dates 2024
January29th Jan 2024
February27th Feb 2024
March26th Mar 2024
April 26th Apr 2024
May29th May 2024
June26th June 2024
July29th July 2024
August28th Aug 2024
September25th Sep 2024
October29th Oct 2024
November27th Nov 2024
December20th Dec 2024

Process To Claim CRA OAS $742 Extra Payment

The following actions are required to Claim CRA OAS $742 Extra Payment.

Step 1: Assess if you require  an application: 

  • To inform you that you would be receiving the OLD Age Security $742 Extra CRA, we might write you a letter.
  • We have sent you a letter requesting that you apply, but the information is inaccurate. 
  • In the month after your 64th birthday, if you did not receive a letter on your OAS pension, inquire via the official website.

Step 2:  Choose the start date for your Old Age Security:

One option will be shown to you to select from:

  • Begin collecting your pension at the age 65.
  • Begin collecting your pension on the date of your choosing.

It is important to know what is the appropriate date for you to start getting your Old Age Security. 

Step 3: Send your Application , choose your application method:

  • If you wish to apply online you need to be at least a month away from turning 64.
  • You will require a My Service Account if you are applying online. 
  • You can create a My Service Account if you don’t have one, a unique access code will be sent to you so  you can easily finish registration. 
  • If you choose to apply via mail, you must print and fill out the Application for the OAS. 
  • Include certified accurate copies of the necessary paperwork. 
  • Submit the application by mail or personally deliver it to a Service Canada location. 

FAQs On OAS $742 Extra CRA Confirmed

For whom is the Old Age Security $742 Extra CRA Benefit available? 

Seniors who are residents of Canada , get OAS benefits, have  a valid SIN number and submit taxes on time. 

How should one apply for OAS?

It’s  added to your OAS payment automatically, no need to separate applications is required.

Does obtaining the Old Age Security $742 Extra Canada Recovery Benefit have any tax?

You must record the OAS $742 CRA benefit on your annual income tax return as it is taxable income.

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