Australia Pension Increase April 2024 – Know Amount, Eligibility & Payment Date

Australian citizens are facing challenges due to elevated prices. Due to the high cost of living, the government has announced Australia Pension Increase April 2024 which will remain implemented till September 2024. According to the latest update the amount is expected to increase in April 2024. The government decided to Australia Age Pension Increase 2024 this year the country’s inflation rate by 0.6%. Senior citizens and disabled people who are unable to work cannot afford to pay their medical bills, food, and other necessities can claim this payment in their Seniors Card as per Australian Increase Eligibility 2024. In this post, we will look at the Australian Pension Increase Amount 2024 and Payment Dates.  

Australia Pension Increase April 2024 : Know the Amount, Eligibility, and Payment Date

Australia Pension Increase April 2024

Even after receiving Superannuation payouts, the Australia Pension Increase April 2024 continues to be a substantial source of income for the elderly population of the country. According to the Federal Government figures, 40%  of seniors receive a full pension and 39% of Australians received partial pension benefits. At the moment, both cost of living and inflation have risen. 

These challenges are impacting citizens, making it difficult for them to fulfill their fundamental requirements. Concerns about the situation are widespread among seniors nationwide, as they are primarily affected by this ailment. The authorities have decided to increase the Australian Pension Plans in 2024. The caregivers and physically disabled citizens are also eligible for this program. 

Australia Age Pension Increase 2024

Title Australia Pension Increase April 2024
Department Service Australia
Beneficiaries Senior Citizens and Disabled Candidates 
Minimum Age for pension65 years 
Official Website

Australia Aged Pension Eligibility Criteria 2024

Those who come under the Pension Benefits eligibility requirements can easily apply for Australia Pension program. For this you have to fulfill your Australia Aged Pension Eligibility Criteria 2024 to the authorities then they will approve your application, below we explore some important points that help you to know that you are eligible or not for this.

  • Australian residents who are 65 years of age or older are eligible for this payment. They must be retired to receive a pension. 
  • Benefits will be determined based on family size and marital status. 
  • Disabled individuals are eligible, proper medical documentation is required to prove disability. 

Should you meet all of these eligibility criteria, the payment will be directly deposited into your bank account Every eligible person has to undergo an asset and income test.

Asset Test Briefing: The applicant’s property located outside the country will be valued as an asset and factored into the Australian dollar calculation. Elderly people should have only one home in the country. If an individual who is single does not possess property, their minimum assets should be below $30,1750. A single property owner must have assets totaling at least $667500. If a couple does not own a home, their minimum assets should be below $451,500. For a couple intending to buy a home, they must have at least $1,003,000 in assets.

Income Test Briefing: Individuals should earn less than $2500 per fortnight as their minimum income. The couple’s combined income should not exceed $3,666.80 every two weeks. 

Couples whose earnings surpass the income threshold do not qualify for partial pensions. To receive the partial allowance, they had to follow a few other guidelines.

Australia Pension Dates April 2024

The Australian government plans to raise pension payments in 2024. The Australia Pension Increase 2024 will be made in April and September of this year. Now people want to know when they will get the benefits of the same in the month of April. The official Australia Pension Increase Dates April 2024 has not been disclosed. If you want to know more about this update then you have to click on its official website. 

Australian Pension Increase Amount 2024

The total payment for married and single people increased by 1.8%. Here you can read more about the Australian Pension Increase Amount 2024:

  • The basic rate for individuals is $1002.50, while for married individuals, it stands at $755.70.
  • The energy supplement costs $14.10 for singles and $10.60 for married couples. 
  • The pension supplement for singles is $80.10 while for married couples it is $60.40.
  • Whenever the increment happens the government will notify you by the official websites. 

FAQs On Australia Pension Increase April 2024

Which organisation gives you benefits of Australia Pension Increase 2024?

The program comes under the Service Australia Department. 

For this plan, which official portal is there?

To know more about this you have to click on

Who are the beneficiaries of Australia Pension Increase April 2024?

The retired senior citizens and disabled citizens of Australia.

What is the minimum age criteria to get the benefits of this plan?

The minimum age is 65 years.


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