Canada Late Tax Filing Penalty 2024 – Know Penalty Rate, Due Date By CRA

Every year, Canadian people are required to pay specific taxes based on their income. The Canada Late Tax Filing Penalty 2024 will be charged if taxes are not paid before the anticipated due date. A candidate will also be charged a Canada Late Tax Filing Penalty Rate 2024 if they file their tax return after the deadline and there is an outstanding balance. If the debtor fails to make the required payment by April 30 as per Canada Tax Filing Due Dates 2024, the CRA will apply compound daily interest starting on May 1, 2024, on any unpaid sum outstanding for 2023. One’s return will include any outstanding balances if the CRA revalues. Every three months, the CRA may change the interest rate it charges on past or current accounts that are overdue, based on prescribed interest rates.

Canada Late Tax Filing Penalty 2024

Canada Late Tax Filing Penalty 2024

Canadians must pay certain taxes each year, depending on their income. Candidates must make any required tax instalment payments by the deadlines if the CRA asks them to do so. One might have to pay Canada Late Tax Filing Penalty 2024 on their arrears if they miss any of these payment deadlines. Citizens will have to pay a late-filing penalty if they don’t file their tax return before the due date. One’s benefit and credit payments may also be delayed if one file after the due date of filing taxes. Citizens should file on time to avoid paying the late filing penalty even if they are unable to pay the remaining amount from previous years. Citizens must visit the official website at to gather relevant information on filing taxes in Canada along with the due dates and penalties.

Canada Late Tax Filing Penalty Rate 2024

TitleCanada Late Tax Filing Penalty 2024
Governing BodyGovernment of Canada
Handled ByCanada Revenue Agency (CRA)
Canada Late Tax Filing Penalty Rate 20245% for previous years and 1% extra for every full month after due date
Applicable inCanada
EligibilityWorking Canadians
Tax DateApril 2024
Official Website

Canada Tax Filing Due Dates 2024

Canadians who are entitled to pay income taxes must know the tax filing date deadlines if they are an individual, self-employed or working in a corporation. The below table provides the Canada Tax Filing Due Dates 2024.

SituationsCanada Tax Filing Due Dates 2024
IndividualThe individuals must file their income taxes before or on 30 April 2024. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) will consider an individual return to be timely if it is filed by April 30, 2024.
Self-employed individualThe CRA extends the deadline for self-employed individuals to file their taxes, to 17 June 2024. Canadian’s common-law partner or spouse must file their return by 17 June 2024. The deadline for filing is 15 June of each year; but, due to its Saturday in 2024, there will be an exemption. 
CorporationA corporate entity’s fiscal year may conclude in any given month of the year. For example, if one’s company’s fiscal year ends on July 31, then your tax return is due on January 31, the last day of the next six months.

Effect Of Canada Late Tax Filing 2024

If Canadians fail to file their income tax return on time and have unpaid taxes, they may be subject to penalties and interest costs. In addition to 1% for each month that they file their return after the deadline, up to a maximum of 12 months, the CRA levies a late-filing penalty of 5% on their total due. Furthermore, starting on May 1st, interest charges will be added to your balance; as these charges compound daily, they will mount up quickly. Assume that one would miss the tax filing deadline even if they had no outstanding debts. Penalties or interest will not apply in this instance. However, some government benefits, such as GST/HST credits, Old Age Security (OAS), and the Canada Child Benefit (CCB), may take longer than anticipated to be paid out. Even in the case that one is unable to pay their taxes, make sure to file a return on time to avoid having government aid payments delayed.

Tips To Avoid Canada Late Tax Filing Penalty 2024

Following are the Tips To Avoid Canada Late Tax Filing Penalty 2024.

  • Contact the CRA to ask about a different course of action if you are unable to pay your taxes on schedule.
  • The CRA might consent to a payment plan that lets you settle your debt gradually as opposed to all at once.
  • The Taxpayer Relief Provision (TRP) is another the way that the CRA assists.
  • Your tax bill may be reduced by this programme by waiving your fines and interest.
  • To be eligible for this relief measure, you will need to provide proof that you are unable to pay your taxes because of unusual circumstances, financial difficulties, certain CRA actions, etc.

FAQs On Canada Late Tax Filing Penalty 2024

What is the rate of penalty for filing late taxes in Canada?

The penalty rate is 5% for previous years and 1% extra for every full month after the due date.

What is the expected due date for filing taxes in 2024?

The due date is 30 April 2024 for an individual and 17 June 2024 for self-employed individuals.

What is the URL of the official website to know about the due dates and tax-related information?

Canadians can visit to learn about the taxes in Canada.

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