Inheritance Tax 2024 India – Know Amount, Rate & Update

The Inheritance Tax 2024 India is levied when the person passes away. The tax has to be paid while giving the inheritance and the tax is on the basis of the net asset owned of the deceased and reduction of all the debts. The rights when transferred to the heirs when a person dies will be the time to pay the taxes. The tax had stopped in the 90’s but now there has been a debate going on regarding the restart of this tax. The given article will give the update on the tax along with the Inheritance Tax Rate 2024.

Inheritance Tax 2024 India

It is the tax levied in India which has to be paid while getting the inheritance and the taxes have been paid when you are inheriting the property of any deceased person and you are an heir of that. The taxes which were taken by the heir based on net assets of the deceased are the assets which have been decreased by debts. When there has been a tax applied on this and has been paid on the Government, this is known as the inheritance tax. It occurs only when there has been a transfer of assets from one natural person to the others due to death. A debate has been going on in India regarding the Inheritance Tax and Indian Overseas Congress chairman has marked on 24 April 2024 for the inheritance of family wealth. PM Modi has stated that Congress will impose the tax on the inherited wealth if they have been voted to power. PM Modi also stated that Congress will conduct a survey to find the property of the individuals.

This tax is progressive in nature and the more the inheritance value is the more will be the taxes paid by them. The tax has to be paid by all those who have got the inheritance. The tax is to be paid on the assets and not on any consumption and the maximum can be up to 55%. The well known estate tax is levied in the United States.

Inheritance Tax 2024

What is Inheritance Tax?

In India there are 2 types of taxes which are the Estate and the Inheritance tax which is imposed on the person who has been deceased. The inheritance tax is charged on all the beneficiaries who have inherited the property after the death of the owner. The tax calculation is done on the value of the assets which will happen after all the exemptions and the deduction. This helps to promote the wealth distribution.

Does India Levy Inheritance Tax 2024?

India used to have the inheritance tax till 1985 and later it was abolished and it was for 85% of the value of the property which has been inherited by the heir. We had various other taxes like wealth tax and gift tax and later these two were also abolished. The gift tax was then reintroduced. The inheritance tax was after the death of the property owner and is levied on all the movable and immovable properties.

PM Modi’s Claim On Inheritance Tax 2024

  • In an interview, the PM has talked about the remarks of Sam Pitroda on the Inheritance tax and he stated that he stands on this issue. 
  • PM Modi has said that it is his responsibility to tell the people that the Congress has been planning to start the tax all over again.
  • If BJP wins the election for the third time, they will take a view on the inheritance tax and will speak about his actions soon.
  • The Congress leader has given an interview in America and spoke that 55% of the tax will be levied on the property inherited.
  • Efforts will be taken in order to revive the inheritance tax by the Country as stated by the Prime Minister.

Update Over New India Inheritance Tax 2024

  • The Congress Overseas wing’s chairman has started a controversy over the inheritance law in the US and spoke to redistribute the wealth.
  • The BJP has taken a quick jump on this opportunity and have cornered the remarks of the Congress leader.
  • The debate was taken on another level and Modi said that it is a way to rob people of their lifetime savings.
  • He stated that the hidden agenda of Congress has come out and Congress said that they will levy the taxes. 
  • He also claimed that Congress has disconnected themselves from the Social Values and have been playing with the sentiments of the Indian Society which has no idea of the family values.
  • Congress said to impose the inheritance tax and that too which has been received by the parents.

Division of Estates Among Heirs

  • If there is one child, the property will be given to them.
  • If there is one child and a spouse the property will be divided in equal portions.
  • If there is more than one child, the property will be doubled for the spouse and the rest will be to the children equally.
  • If there is one spouse the whole amount will be given to them.
  • If there is a spouse and ascendants, the property will be ⅔ for the spouse and remaining to the ascendants.
  • If there are many other heirs to claim, the property will be divided equally among all of them.

FAQs On Inheritance Tax 2024 India

What is the India Inheritance Tax 2024?

The Inheritance Tax 2024 India is the amount to be paid after the death of the owner and only if you take their property or inherit it.

What will be the value of India Inheritance Tax 2024?

55% of the property will be the Inheritance Tax 2024.

Who started the debate over the Inheritance Tax 2024 India?

The debate over the Inheritance Tax 2024 was started by Congress overseas chairman.

Is PM Modi supporting the Inheritance Tax 2024 India?

No. PM Modi says that this is a loot by the Congress leaders and want to get the money of people.

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