OAS $1445 Boost April 2024 – Know Payment Date & Eligibility Check

The OAS $1445 Boost April 2024 will help the individuals to get an increased money specially the seniors who are living below the poverty line. The view through a nationwide lens will make the OAS payment boost more significant for the seniors and over 6 million seniors of age 65 or above are potential to get the increased amount of the OAS payment. The eligibility criteria will tell if the payment will be given to you or not and the boost will be given along with the normal payment which the citizens are getting. The given article will guide through the details on the increased benefit for the OAS.

OAS $1445 Boost April 2024

The Canada Revenue Agency is a guiding force to provide support to the elderly with the Old Age Security (OAS) Payment which is given to the retired citizens along with the retired seniors aged 65 years or more. The OAS is the monthly benefit which is provided to the citizens for their hard work and have been building the a strong structure for the young ones future. The individual will be enrolled for the benefit automatically and later the information will be given to them. Around 25% of the seniors have been living below the poverty line and have been facing trouble with the payment of medical and food bills. The OAS payment will be provided to the ones who are of age 65 years old or more and the seniors are under a constant stress to get their ends meet.

The payment of $1445 is a one time payment to be given by 15 April 2024 to those for whom the increased cost of living is becoming difficult to make their needs fulfilled and facing challenges with their daily payments. The seniors are the backbone of the society who has made a strong nation. The tough choice is to be made by the seniors between getting nutrition or paying medical bills. For fulfilling the retirement of the seniors, it has been made important that the seniors could get their payment and the preparations are on a full way to provide the benefit to the citizens and the increased benefits will provide a financial support to the backbone of the nation. The post given below will guide you with the monthly boost of the OAS payments.


canada.ca $1445 Old Age Security Payment 2024

The one time boost will be provided to the beneficiaries especially the elders of age either 65 years or more. The OAS $1445 Boost April 2024 will be provided by 15 April 2024 to the citizens and the total OAS benefits will be $68600 which the citizens will get. The payment will help to pay the overdues or make the necessary home repairs. 

Post Type OAS $1445 Boost April 2024
Organization Name Canada Revenue Agency 
Country Name Canada 
Benefit Known AsOld Age Security Pension 
Applicability Of BenefitsOnes getting OAS
Payment Amount $1445
Payment Mode Online 
Payment Frequency Monthly 
Post Type Finance 
Website canada.ca

$1445 OAS Increase 2024

  • The Canadian Citizens who are 65 years above will be provided with the increased benefit of $1445 which will be a one time payment which will lessen the burden of the seniors.
  • The one time payment can help the seniors either to invest their money or can use it for their home renovations.
  • The seniors can also give themselves a treat or can go on a long awaited vacation but regardless of how the money will be spent, one thing is clear that the individuals will have 15 April 2024 as a historic day.
  • To get the confirmation regarding the payment, the elderly shall refer to the official website which is canada.ca and can check the details on the payment.
  • The ones who have given so much to the nation deserves to get all the respect and dignity and they can enjoy their retirement with more amount and not worrying about the finances.

Who Will Get $1445 OAS Boost 2024?

  • If you are a Canada’s citizen
  • You have turned 65 years or more in age
  • Are a Canadian Citizen for at least 10 years since you have turned 18 years old.
  • If you are not living in Canada, you shall be a legal resident of the Nation as on that date.
  • If you meet the above said conditions, you will get the OAS Increase 2024.

$1445 OAS Application 2024

  • Firstly be sure if you could get the payment or not.
  • Decide when you wish your benefit to start.
  • Send your online application.
  • CRA will give you the response for the OAS
  • Review the status of your application
  • If you disagree in any case, you shall give a response in 90 days.

When Will $1445 OAS Payment 2024 Be Given?

Basically the OAS benefit is given on the 3rd last date of each month but the boost will be given on 15 April 2024 as per the news. 

The given table will provide the date on the OAS payment.

Month $1445 OAS Boost Payment Date 2024
April 202426 April 2024
May 202429 May 2024
June 202426 June 2024
July 202429 July 2024
August 202428 August 2024
September 202425 September 2024
October 202429 October 2024
November 202427 November 2024
December 202420 December 2024

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OAS $1445 Boost April 2024Old Age Security

FAQS On OAS $1445 Boost April 2024

What is OAS $1445 Boost April 2024?

The OAS $1445 Boost April 2024 is a one time payment for those who have already got the OAS payment.

Who will be given the OAS $1445 Boost April 2024?

The ones who are already getting the OAS payment and are of age 65 years and above will be given the OAS $1445 Boost April 2024.

Is it confirmed that the OAS $1445 Boost April 2024 will be provided to the citizens?

There has been no confirmation on the fact that the citizens will get the payment of OAS $1445 Boost April 2024 or not.

Which portal will provide the OAS $1445 Boost April 2024?

The details on the OAS $1445 Boost April 2024 can be checked through the website canada.ca 

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