IRS Deposit Schedule 2024: Tax Refund Dates, Payment Amount & Eligibility

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) conducts various tax-related activities such as collection of tax, paying tax refunds and other tax reliefs. The Internal Revenue Service works under the federal government to help its citizens with certain tax refunds after ensuring their eligibility. Citizens who are filing taxes regularly are eligible to claim tax refunds as per IRS Deposit Schedule 2024. Those who paid the taxes in the financial year are liable to get a refund from the government in their bank accounts as per IRS Tax Refund Schedule 2024. One can check their IRS Tax Deposit Eligibility 2024 to get the refunds by visiting the official website of the IRS, and submitting the application form and claiming the refund.

IRS Deposit Schedule 2024

The IRS is responsible for carrying out all the financial services of the country. Internal Revenue Service is regarded for providing tax refunds to the citizens of the country. As the citizens pay taxes in the financial year then they can claim tax refunds from the government and the money gets deposited to one’s bank account. Candidates must visit the official portal and fill in the application form. Once the form is submitted, the IRS authorities verify the information provided by the candidate to deliver the tax refund.  The details in the application form must be accurate as based on the information provided, the government provides the refund amount. If one has submitted the form then they can refer to the IRS Deposit Schedule 2024 to know the respective dates for their refund.

IRS Tax Refund Dates 2024

TitleIRS Deposit Schedule 2024
Governing BodyUS Federal Government
Eligibility Residents who have filed Income Tax return
Applicable inThe United States
IRS Tax Refund Dates 2024Available Below
Official Website
IRS Deposit Schedule 2024: Tax Refund Dates

IRS Tax Deposit Eligibility 2024

Those who file the taxes before the due date will get a refund otherwise the candidates will not be eligible to get the refunds. As the candidate files the tax, the refund will be credited to them in their bank accounts after 21 days of filing the tax. One must fill in the application form available on the official portal of the IRS to claim for the refund. The following IRS Tax Deposit Eligibility 2024 must be met to get the refund amount:

  • The applicant must be a regular taxpayer.
  • Taxes must be paid before the due date.
  • Must be a resident of the US.
  • The return must be filed electronically to receive the refund within 21 days of filing the return.
  • The refund gets delayed if it is claimed through mail.

Steps of Claim IRS Tax Return 2024

Candidates who have filed taxes regularly need to know how they can Claim IRS Tax Return 2024 for which they must follow the steps below:

  • Visit the IRS official website and login to get the application form.
  • As the application form appears, fill in the details accurately.
  • Submit the form, and the IRS authorities will verify your application.
  • As your application gets verified, you can view the IRS Deposit Schedule 2024 to know the dates of your refund.
  • One will get the refund within 21 days if they file the tax before the due date.

IRS Tax Refund Schedule 2024

Candidates who claim the tax refund can refer to the below schedule to know the dates of the refund.

Tax Filing DateIRS Tax Refund Schedule 2024 (Direct Deposit)IRS Tax Refund Schedule 2024 (Check Mail)
29th January 202419th February 202426th February 2024
6th February 202426th February 20244th March 2024
13th February 20244th March 202411th March 2024 
19th February 2024 11th March 202418th March 2024
26th  February 202418th March 202425th March 2024
4th March 202425th March 20241st April 2024
11th March 20241st April 20248th April 2024
18th March 2024 8th April 202415th April 2024
25th March 2024 15th April 202422nd April 2024
1st April 202422nd April 202429th April 2024
8th April 202429th April 20246th May 2024
15th April 20246th May 202413th May 2024

IRS Tax Refund Payment Process 2024

The refund amount is credited to the taxpayer’s bank accounts depending in their tax filing dates.

One who filed for the refund electronically will get the refund within 1-3 weeks and the one who mail the return will get the claim in 2 months. The Following can be referred for the IRS Tax Refund Calendar 2024.

Method of Tax FileIRS Tax Refund Calendar 2024
Electronic File & Direct Deposit1-3 Weeks
Electronic File & Check1 Month
Mail Return and Direct Deposit3 Weeks
Mail Return & Check2 Months

Link to Official Website

IRS Website

FAQs On IRS Deposit Schedule 2024

How much time does it take to receive the IRS Tax Refund 2024?

It takes 21 days to receive the IRS Tax Refund 2024 if filed electronically.

How is the refund amount received?

The refund amount is received through direct bank deposit.

Who is eligible to get the IRS Tax Refund 2024?

The refund can be claimed by a US resident who files taxes before the due date.

What is the link to the website of IRS Tax Refund 2024 for claiming the refund?

One can claim the refund through

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