SSI & SSDI Raise April 2024 – All 50 States Eligible, Know Payment Date

SSI & SSDI are payment schemes supervised by the Social Security Administration (SSA) under the guidance of the US government. These schemes have provided immense help in finance to the eligible candidates of the country. The only responsibility of the candidates is to satisfy the eligible criteria as stated by the SSA. As of 2024, it is stated that eligible citizens of all 50 states in the US will be entitled to receive the SSI & SSDI Raise April 2024. People with disabilities and senior citizens with little or no incomes or resources fulfil the SSI & SSDI Raise Eligibility 2024. Applicants can apply for the scheme by visiting the official website at This article will assist the readers with the SSI & SSDI Payment Date April 2024, eligibility, and other requirements or benefits of the SSI & SSDI schemes.

SSI & SSDI Raise April 2024

The SSI & SSDI scheme administrated by the Social Security Administration (SSA) is widely known in the states of the US. The benefits provided by this scheme are the utmost help to the people who satisfy the eligibility criteria. This program delivers a monthly sum which varies according to the change in Cost-of-Living Adjustments (COLA). COLA raised by 3.2% in 2024, ultimately leading to an increase in the SSI & SSDI Payment Amount 2024. An individual’s monthly payment depends on their income, living situation, owned things, and other factors. The Payment SSI & SSDI Raise Eligibility 2024 must be satisfied which includes that the people shall belong to a low-income group, one with a disability, and senior citizens of 65 years or older. Go to the official website at to get elaborated information about the scheme.

Overview: SSA.GOV SSI & SSDI Raise April 2024

TitleSSI & SSDI Raise April 2024
SchemeSSI & SSDI Payment Scheme 
Governing BodyGovernment of USA
Recipients Citizens of the USA
Applicable inAll 50 states of the US
Basic SSI & SSDI Payment Amount 2024$943 for individuals and $1415 for couples
Date of PaymentAs per the birth date of the individual
Category Finance
Official Website
SSI & SSDI Raise April 2024

SSI Payment Amount Calculation 2024

The highest monthly federal payments are $943 for an eligible person (singles), $1,415 for an eligible person (couple), and $472 for an essential person. Monthly amounts for the following year are usually calculated by adding the $200 Cola Increase of the current year to the unrounded annual amounts for the current year. Thereafter, the newly unrounded numbers are divided by 12 to obtain rounded amounts that are multiple of $1.

Unrounded Annual Amounts for the years
Monthly Amounts for 2024
Eligible Individual$10,970.44$11,321.49$943
Eligible Couple$16,453.84$16,980.36$1,415
Essential Person$5,497.80$5,673.73$472

Who is Eligible to get SSI & SSDI Payment Amount 2024?

Individuals need to qualify the SSI & SSDI Raise Eligibility 2024 set in to apply to avail of the benefits offered by the SSI & SSDI payment schemes. The points to be considered for being eligible are as follows:

  • One must belong to a low-income group or have little or no income.
  • One who has limited or no resources, individuals whose resources are less than $2000 and couples whose resources are less than $3000.
  • Individuals together with children with a health disability or blindness.
  • Senior citizens of 65 years or older.

Any US citizen who qualifies by satisfying the eligibility points given above can apply for the SSI & SSDI payment schemes to avail of the necessary benefits for the daily functioning of life.

Determine the SSI & SSDI Payment Date April 2024

The payments under the SSI & SSDI schemes are delivered monthly on the second, third and fourth of Wednesdays. The payment date is given to eligible candidates based on their birth date. If an eligible individual is born on the 11th to 21st of any month will get their payments on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. People receiving SSI and SSDI payments before 1997 will be receiving the SSI & SSDI Payment Amount 2024 on the 3rd of the month for social security and on the 1st of the month for SSI.

Birth DateSSI & SSDI Payment Date April 2024
1st to 10th2nd Wednesday monthly
11th to 20th 3rd Wednesday monthly
21st to 31st 4th Wednesday of monthly

Note: If a holiday falls on the SSI & SSDI Payment Date April 2024 then the candidates can expect the payment on the day before the holiday.

How To apply for SSI & SSDI Raise April 2024 Schemes?

Eligible Candidates must follow certain steps to apply for the payment scheme. The steps are:

  1. Visit the official website at
  2. Go to the ‘Apply Now’ option and apply for the scheme.
  3. Fill in your credentials and get your ID and password.
  4. Put in your accurate information in the application form and insert supporting documents.
  5. Go to the ‘Submit’ option and submit your form.
  6. SSA associates will verify your application to proceed with further steps. SSI & SSDI Raise Schedule 2024

SSI & SSDI Raise April 2024Check Here

FAQs SSI & SSDI Raise April 2024

The SSI & SSDI payment schemes are applied in which states of the US?

The SSI & SSDI payment schemes are applied in all 50 states of the US.

Who is qualified to receive SSI & SSDI benefits?

Individuals with no or less income or resources, who are 65 years or older, and who are disabled qualify to receive SSI & SSDI benefits.

Where can I check the rise in SSI & SSDI schemes? is the official link to check for the rise in the SSA, SSI & SSDI schemes.

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