GST & HST Refund 2024 – Check Status, Schedule, Amount & Eligibility Update

GST & HST Refund 2024 is a scheme launched by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) under the guidance of the federal government of Canada. For the welfare of the citizens of Canada, the Canadian government announces immense programs which offer monetary aid or refunds to its people which ultimately lets them live their lives with ease. Goods and Services Tax/ Harmonized Sales Tax Refund 2024 is a program that promises to provide a non-taxable GST & HST Refund Amount 2024 of four times a year to eligible candidates as per GST & HST Refund Payment Date 2024. The amount under this scheme is credited to the accounts of the people who belong to the country’s low-income groups as per GST & HST Refund Eligibility 2024. The candidates must visit the official website to know the do’s and don’ts under this initiative. The article below provides detailed information about GST/HST Refund 2024. 

GST & HST Refund 2024

For the betterment of Canadian citizens, the CRA has initiated GST & HST refunds under the guidance of the government of Canada. The scheme aims to provide financial assistance to the people who are regular taxpayers of the country and belong to the country’s financially weaker section. Individuals and families with low income who pay regular taxes get the GST & HST Refund 2024 for the tax they pay. According to the norms set by CRA, only the eligible candidates will be entitled to apply for the GST/HST refunds. The payment amount of the GST/HST is calculated on a certain basis which can be calculated. One must visit the official portal  to learn about the eligibility and apply online. The GST & HST Refund is paid four times a year and in 2024, it is expected that the date of refund could be 5th April 2024. Therefore, residents of Canada who are held eligible for the scheme must apply before the payment date.

GST & HST Refund 2024 - Know Status, Schedule, Amount, Eligibility

GST & HST Refund Payment Date 2024

Program Name GST & HST Refund 2024
Governing BodyGovernment of Canada
Initiated ByCanada Revenue Agency (CRA)
BenefitsFinancial support
Applicable inCanada
EligibilityTaxpayers with low income 
GST & HST Refund Payment Date 20245th April 2024
Payment made in a year4 times a year
Official Website

GST & HST Refund Eligibility 2024

GST & HST Refund is provided to those individuals and families who are eligible to get such credit refunds. The following GST & HST Refund Eligibility 2024 must be met by the candidates to apply for the further process. The points that need to be satisfied are as below:

  • Candidates must be a resident of Canada for income tax purposes at the beginning of the month in which the CRA makes a payment.
  • Candidates must be 19 years old before the month CRA makes quarterly payments.
  • If the candidate is not 19 years old before the payment date then they must satisfy the following:

   One has or had a common-law partner or spouse.

   One is or was a parent or lived with their child.

As the candidate qualifies for the above, they can visit the official website and apply to get the refund through direct deposit.

GST & HST Refund Application 2024 : Documents Required

The Candidates who qualify the eligibility criteria, must visit the official portal and apply for the refund. One must have some documents which are important for the GST & HST Refund Application 2024. The candidates must have one of the below-mentioned documents:

  • Social Insurance Number
  • Passport
  • Driver’s license
  • Visitor Record
  • Birth certificate or proof of birth
  • Document issued by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
  • Document that proves your or your spouse or common-law partner’s identity

In case the candidate belongs to a particular situation (individual or family), they must visit the official portal to learn about the documents required by them.

GST & HST Refund Amount 2024

For the payment period of July 2023 to June 2024, the beneficiaries can expect the GST & HST Refund Amount 2024 based on their situations:

SituationsGST & HST Refund Amount 2024
If the candidate is single $496
If the candidate is married or has a common-law partner $650
Children under 19 years of age$171

Note: One must keep their personal information updated to avoid the chances of underpayment or overpayment of the refund amount.

GST & HST Refund Payment Schedule 2024

The Goods & Services Tax and Harmonized Sales Tax refund is paid four times a year. The eligible candidates can apply for such payment refund before CRA announces the payment date. The candidates must be residents of Canada before the GST & HST credits are made. The following table shows the payment dates for the payment period from July 2023 to June 2024.

GST & HST Refund Payment Schedule 2024
5th January 2024
5th April 2024
5th July  2024
4th October 2024

How to Claim GST & HST Refund Payment

Candidates who want to Claim GST & HST Refund Payment must visit the official portal The following steps must be followed;

  1. Visit the official portal
  2. As the webpage opens, fill in your details to generate an ID.
  3. Open the application form by filling in your ID and password.
  4. Fill in the application form and provide accurate information.
  5.  Now upload the relevant documents asked in the form.
  6. Submit the form and CRA will view your application.

FAQs On GST & HST Refund 2024

Who is eligible for the GST/HST payments?

The residents of Canada are regular taxpayers and belong to the low-income section.

What is the link to the official website?

The link to generate the necessary information regarding GST/HST payments is

When is the payment date of the GST/HST refund?

The payment is expected on 5th April 2024.

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